Battery maker warns of increased breakdowns as temperatures drop

Cold weather could cause a spike in failing batteries and increase the number of vehicle breakdowns according to Odyssey Battery.

Director of transportation Peter Hart explains: “Cold temperatures reduce the starting power of conventional vehicle batteries by up to 60 percent and the colder the engine, the more energy it needs to get going. Consequently, weak batteries tend to fail more frequently during the winter, which can dramatically increase the risk of vehicle breakdowns, causing disruption to delivery schedules and the inconvenience of goods arriving late.”

First used in aerospace and military applications, the technology behind Odyssey batteries provides twice the power and three times the life of conventional batteries, with engine cranking pulses up to 2,700 amps for five seconds. The batteries are also unaffected by high impact shock or vibration and can be stored at room temperature for more than two years, without the need for charging or maintenance.

Hart added: “Upgrading to Odyssey Battery can help drive down the number of avoidable breakdowns when the temperature drops, cutting out unnecessary down time. Effectively providing the performance of two batteries in one, ODYSSEY batteries offer superb deep cycle capacity to power the heavy usage required for hotel loading and double or triple driver shift patterns, whilst also delivering enough cranking power to start the engine, even when the temperature plummets.”

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