Cutting-edge oil filtration by UFI Filters

UFI Filters, is launching an innovative oil module for one of the latest Daimler Truck AG’s engines for Mercedes-Benz Truck applications in the European Original Equipment market.

The main innovation offered by the UFI Filters module to the Heavy Duty Engine Platform OM471, is the integration of several features which include a two-stage thermostatic valve, a pressure control valve, a by-pass valve and a temperature sensor. These elements allow advanced oil volume management within the circuit, even for low-viscosity oils. The improved management of the lubrication circuit reduces friction inside the engine, thus offering excellent performance and a significant reduction in fuel consumption – contributing to lower pollutant emissions in the process.

A further technological feature offered by the complete UFI system is the advanced thermal management of the engine thanks to an UFI-developed two-stage thermostatic valve, which prevents temperature peaks. Depending on the oil temperature and the operating phase (steady state or warm-up), the two-stage thermostatic valve manages the oil volume within the lubrication circuit.

The filter cartridge produced with infrared welding (without any use of glue) is manufactured according to the exclusive hydrophobic FormulaUFI.Cell media. Due to the use of this particular media, the filter can maintain its characteristics even in the presence of water in the oil. This results in a high standard of filtration over time. Compared to screw-on filters, replacing the element alone allows a significant reduction in metal waste; the patented coupling also guarantees safer and cleaner maintenance operations for the operator. The improved management of the lubrication circuit and the characteristics of the filter material therefore offer high filter reliability, with extended service intervals of up to 150,000 km. Thanks to its structure, it has a high resistance on oil circuits subjected to pressures of up to 12 bar, such as those of heavy-duty vehicle engines.

UFI Filters’ engineers, in cooperation with those of the leading German manufacturer, have paid particular attention to the design of the individual components. The cartridge not only safeguards the engine components, but also guarantees best performance, helping to keep circuit pressure drop levels low, even under the harshest engine operating conditions.

UFI Filters’ complete system also features a high degree of modularity, with the possibility of assembling different types of water pumps, both electrically and mechanically regulated. This enables the system to adapt to the needs of different types of applications, for different truck models.

Rinaldo Facchini, CEO of the UFI Filters Group explains: “This product represents one of the best examples of the synergy between UFI Filters and Original Equipment manufacturers in designing and producing technological innovations in line with the needs of the most demanding engines, such as those destined for heavy-duty applications. We are very proud of this partnership, a very important business for our Group, on one of the highest volume engines in the European market.”

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