Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK to open new parts distribution hub

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Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK will open a new Parts Logistics Centre in January to provide enhanced aftersales support to its dealers.

The facility at Willen, Milton Keynes, will be operated by 3PL partner XPO Logistics, which has been responsible for transporting parts to Mercedes-Benz Dealers since 2020.

The new parts operations follows the spin-off of Daimler Truck from its former parent company Daimler AG in December 2021.

While the truck brand’s established warehouse in Tongwell is shared with Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars and Mercedes-Benz Vans, the new hub will only hold parts for trucks.

The 140,000 sq ft facility offers approximately 20% more storage capacity for truck parts than is currently available, so will be able to hold deeper and wider stocks. More importantly, though, truck-dedication will allow Mercedes-Benz Trucks and XPO Logistics to manage the space more flexibly and respond more quickly to changing demand.

Heiko Selzam, managing director of Mercedes-Benz Trucks UK, said: “Together with members of our dealer network, we are committed to providing operators of Mercedes-Benz and FUSO trucks with the industry’s finest aftersales back-up. This fantastic new centre, coupled with the ground-breaking agreement we have reached with XPO Logistics, provides the perfect platform from which we will be able to provide our customers with the fast, efficient parts support they deserve.”

Fit-out of the new centre is now underway, with the first deliveries of parts from Germany due to arrive this week. Small and medium-sized parts will be held in a three-tier, pedestrian-accessible mezzanine system, with main racking used for larger and fast-moving parts. Automated conveyors will carry inbound parts to the mezzanine floors, and completed picks back down to outbound sortation.

The centre will be open from 6am until 10pm Monday-Friday, with each dealer receiving five deliveries per week. A 24-hour call out service for emergency VOR (‘vehicle off road’) cases will also be available.

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