PACCAR Parts Commemorates 50 years of Empowering Customer Success

PACCAR Parts, a renowned leader in distributing high-quality parts for medium- and heavy-duty trucks, trailers, and engines, is marking its 50th anniversary this year.

With an impressive product range that now exceeds 180,000 items, including cutting-edge electric vehicle chargers to facilitate the transition to sustainable transportation, the company has established itself as a world-class player in the industry.

Laura Bloch, PACCAR Parts General Manager and PACCAR Vice President, expressed her enthusiasm about reaching this significant milestone. She attributed the division’s success to the outstanding contributions of the company’s dedicated employees and dealers, who provide exceptional support to customers on a daily basis.

Setting industry standards

In 1973, PACCAR Parts opened its first Parts Distribution Center (PDC) in Renton, Washington, which paved the way for additional facilities across the United States, Europe, and the rest of the world. Today, the company operates 18 PDCs on four continents, offering a total distribution capacity of 315,000 square meters. The most recent addition to the network, the Louisville PDC in Kentucky, began shipping in August 2022, enhancing parts availability for dealers and customers in the central, mid-Atlantic, and south-eastern regions of the United States. In Europe, PACCAR Parts operates four PDCs (Eindhoven, Leyland, Budapest, Madrid) that supply all DAF dealers on the continent, boasting an impressive delivery reliability rate of 99.99%—a benchmark in the truck parts industry.

With an ongoing commitment to improving customer service, PACCAR Parts has expanded its dealership networks from approximately 180 locations in 1973 to over 2,300 locations worldwide today, with nearly 1,100 in Europe alone. This expansion has not only facilitated better product access but also reduced lead times and increased service opportunities.

A comprehensive offering

Embracing the “One Stop Shop” strategy, PACCAR Parts introduced the TRP program in 1995, providing a comprehensive range of universal truck and trailer parts for all makes and models. With more than 60,000 items, this offering is the most extensive in the truck industry. The global TRP retail network comprises 271 stores in 42 countries, including 99 in Europe.

Driving innovation and uptime

Collaborating with strong suppliers and business partners, PACCAR Parts has introduced service-driven programs that prioritize vehicle uptime and customer satisfaction. The PACCAR Parts Fleet Services supports over 1,100 commercial fleets operating more than 260,000 vehicles and 140,000 trailers in Europe. Additionally, the company’s global e-commerce program enables customers to access the parts they need 24/7 through online platforms.

Looking toward the future

Laura Bloch expressed her pride in PACCAR Parts’ reputation as a world-class provider and trusted partner, which has stood strong for five decades. She emphasized the company’s commitment to expanding its use of new technologies and delivering exemplary service support in the years to come.

Dick Leek, General Manager of PACCAR Parts Europe, highlighted the continuous expansion of the company’s product and service offerings through DAF dealers. Notably, PACCAR Parts is well-prepared to support customers in the energy transition, providing a comprehensive range of mobile and fixed PACCAR chargers for electric vehicles, alongside spare parts for electric commercial vehicles.

As PACCAR Parts continues its global distribution expansion, the company remains dedicated to elevating customer service, technical support, and productivity. By focusing on exceptional supply chain performance and increased product availability, PACCAR Parts aims to set new standards in the industry.

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