Robust oil filter wrench for DAF LF from Laser Tools

HGV workshops will be interested in the Laser Tools oil filter wrench (part number 7836), which is specifically designed for DAF LF 17-ton EURO 4/5 vehicles, providing an efficient and reliable solution for the professional technician.

The oil filter wrench features a robust construction and precise engineering, ensuring durability and optimum performance. Its specifications include a size of 92mm x 10 flutes, allowing for a perfect fit on the DAF (LF) model’s canister-type filters with 10 flats, such as the Fleetguard LF16015. It includes 27mm hex and a 1/2″ drive for versatility, thus can be used with a 27mm ring spanner or 1/2″ drive ratchet, depending on access.

Laser Tools understands the importance of efficient and reliable maintenance, and this product is designed to make the process easier and more convenient, saving valuable time and effort. The oil filter wrench for the DAF LF model is available for purchase at your Laser Tools stockist and online retailers.

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