Mercedes-Benz launches improved version of MirrorCam

Mercedes-Benz has launched a revised version of its MirrorCam mirror replacement system, which was first launched in 2018.

One of the more significant changes are shorter camera arms. By reducing their length by 10cm on each side of the cab, they no longer protrude further than the kerb mirror, making it easier to judge their position, so reducing the likelihood of them being damaged by collisions with roadside objects. Mercedes also claims the new position is more akin to that of conventional glass mirrors, thus making it easier for drivers to reverse in a straight line.

A new drip edge has been added to the camera housing, preventing rain water from fouling the lens. The image quality has also been improved, supposedly making it easier to reverse in dimly lit conditions.

Commenting on this second generation of MirrorCam, Uwe Baake, head of product development at Mercedes-Benz Trucks, said: “The intensive discussions with our customers and their experiences from day-to-day operations formed the foundations for us to make further adjustments to individual technical parameters, thereby generating even greater added value, especially in terms of display and safety.”

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