Renault Trucks lights up Europe

Renault Trucks will be touring Europe for the first time with a unique 100% electric truck.

This vehicle, a Renault Trucks E-Tech T called “Diamond Echo”, features a unique electroluminescent design, will set off on 11 April 2024 from the Bourg-en-Bresse plant where it was manufactured. It will travel more than 10,000 kilometres across 7 countries, making over 60 stops to meet the transport community and demonstrate the operational reality of electric mobility.

Committed to an energy transformation based primarily on electric mobility, Renault Trucks offers a complete range of 100% electric vehicles, from 650 kg e-cargo bikes to 44 t tractors and urban construction trucks. Today, the French manufacturer begins a tour of Europe with an electric and electroluminescent truck: the Renault Trucks E-Tech T Diamond Echo.

An electric truck with a unique electroluminescent design

The Renault Trucks E-Tech T Diamond Echo is painted with light. The result of a collaboration with drivers and design and paint specialists, this exceptional truck reveals itself in the dark.

Based on Lumilor technology, the paint, applied by Demon Paint, glows when subjected to an electrical stimulus.

First tour of Europe with a 100% electric truck

The Renault Trucks E-Tech T Diamond Echo will be the first 100% electric truck to tour Europe, from April to July.

It will cover more than 10,000 kilometers across 7 countries, making over 60 stops. Each stop will be an opportunity to meet transport professionals, to demonstrate the operational reality and benefits of electric mobility, and to promote the Renault Trucks E-Tech range and the quality of the brand’s network of experts.

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