Wincanton’s 30-Electric Fleet boosts Ikea Home Deliveries

Wincanton has recently made a substantial investment of several million pounds in acquiring 30 electric trucks and vans to facilitate home delivery services for Ikea.

The electric fleet comprises 10 16-tonne trucks and 20 vans, aligning with Ikea’s objective of achieving 100% zero-emission last mile deliveries by 2025.

By introducing these new zero-emission vehicles, Wincanton estimates that it will be able to reduce carbon emissions by 1,000 tonnes annually, covering over 10,000 journeys each year. Renault Trucks and Ford are the suppliers of these vehicles, which will be responsible for delivering Ikea products to customers’ homes in Greater London and the south-east of England starting from the spring of 2023.

Carl Moore, the managing director of e-fulfilment at Wincanton, emphasized the company’s commitment to becoming a leading provider of net-zero supply chain solutions. He expressed enthusiasm about the multi-million-pound investment in electric vehicle technology for Ikea, highlighting how it demonstrates Wincanton’s dedication to supporting its customers’ sustainability goals and enhancing their operational resilience and efficiency.

This investment by Wincanton also contributes to the company’s broader target of achieving net-zero emissions throughout its business operations by 2040. Ikea’s fulfilment sourcing manager for the UK and Ireland, John Welsh, expressed his appreciation for Wincanton’s significant role in Ikea’s sustainable fulfilment journey. He emphasized the importance of their partnership in driving progress towards Ikea’s goal of attaining 100% zero-emission last-mile deliveries by 2025 and accelerating the adoption of zero-output emission vehicles within London.

In addition to Wincanton’s investment, Ikea itself announced a £4.5 million investment in electric vehicle charge points to facilitate emissions-free deliveries using its electric delivery vehicles. Ikea plans to ensure that the new infrastructure solely relies on renewable energy sources, further aligning with its commitment to sustainability.

Overall, Wincanton’s investment in the electric fleet for Ikea’s home deliveries and Ikea’s investment in EV charge points are notable steps towards reducing carbon emissions, promoting sustainable transportation, and achieving their shared environmental objectives.

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