Logistics UK introduces new Electric Vehicle Training Course

Logistics UK is delighted to announce its new portfolio of Electric/Hybrid Vehicle Training courses which cover safety awareness, preparing the vehicle for repairs and carrying out system repairs and component replacements.

The safety awareness online course is now live on Logistics UK’s website and is designed to support members as the transition to electric and hybrid vehicles continues to accelerate.

The decarbonisation agenda remains a significant focus for operators, and it is imperative that their safety continues to take priority. The introductory half-day online safety awareness course is mapped to the IMI Level 1 Award in Electric/Hybrid Vehicle qualification content and will enable learners to continue to work safely within their role following the transition. This webinar will benefit professional drivers, fleet managers, vehicle sales/hire company personnel who operate Public Service Vehicles (PSVs), Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs), Fleets or Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs).

The move to electric vehicles is well underway, and while much focus has been placed on ensuring the correct infrastructure is in place, it is also vital that safety is considered. Logistics UK is thrilled to offer these courses which will include expert advice and training conducted from highly qualified and quality-assured engineers. David Jordan, Deputy Operations Director – Services at Logistics UK, comments: “With Logistics UK’s engineering technical training, your organisation will benefit from industry’s best by ensuring your vehicles remain safe and cost effective.”

“These brand-new courses will introduce the knowledge of safe working practices, the dangers surrounding electric/hybrid vehicles, and the precautions required to avoid potential injury when near these types of vehicles. Logistics UK hopes that providing these courses will help reduce the safety risk when working with these vehicles.”

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