Clean Motion launches solar powered urban delivery vehicle

The Swedish firm has priced the vehicle from £9,379.

Designed for urban deliveries, the EVIG provides a 2.5 cubic metre cargo space and has a payload of 350Kg. It can be specified as a pick-up, box van or side opener.

Four powertrain variants are available: 2.5kWh with a 31-mile range, 5kWh with a 62-mile range, 7.5kWh with a 93-mile range or 10kWh with a 124-mile range.

The EVIG can be charged from a domestic socket, taking between two and eight hours depending on battery size. The roof mounted solar panels provide additional range.

Two power outputs can be chosen: 6PS or 13PS.

It has a top speed of up to 37MPH and will be classed as either as a three-wheel motorcycle or moped.

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