One-in-three vans require remedial work, ATS Euromaster finds

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One-in-three vans that are regularly checked by the ATS Euromaster Mastercare inspection service require remedial actions.

ATS Euromaster said it inspects 5,800 vehicles each month including fleets and that on average 32% of vans need actionable maintenance.

The tyre and maintenance provider said that pressure on fleets for greater run time is creating additional tyre wear.

Gordon Robertson, mobile area operations manager North at ATS Euromaster, said: “It could be general wear, a puncture, or particularly with dotcom vans damage to the tyre wall.

“But what we will always try and do is prolong the life of the tyre where possible. For example, this might involve spinning the tyres – where we switch the outside of the tyre wall to the inside – which is becoming common practice as many of these vans spend their time bouncing up and down kerbs while making their home deliveries.”

Robertson added that, with the average cost of a typical 235/65 size replacement tyre being £200, techniques such as turning tyres on the rim can generate cost-savings for fleets.

He said that ATS Euromaster is increasingly seeing more vans come onto the Mastercare tyre maintenance programme, while it was designed for commercial vehicles.

ATS Euromaster said the service provides fleet managers with a global view of their fleet’s tyre condition status with recommended remedial work, vehicles that require an inspection and an historical overview of actioned items.

“As the age of the fleet has grown with the chip crisis, the need for inspection is high on the agenda for fleet managers,” added Robertson.

ATS Euromaster recently hailed its out-of-hours tyre inspection service as a hit for customers and staff.

In August, ATS Euromaster revealed it had seen the requirement for its mobile tyre service increase over the past two years.

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