Mercedes-Benz truck - AtegoThe youngest member of the new Mercedes-Benz truck product family, the new Atego with Euro VI, enters the stage to continue its successful career as a bestseller in the 6.5 to 16-tonne GVWR short-radius distribution segment.

The Atego already occupies the top rank for its quality, reliability, repair and maintenance costs, and durability. This position will now be strengthened thanks to an entirely new drive system and numerous innovations in the chassis and cab.

A total of seven new Euro VI engine variants, which can be combined with a broad range of manual and automatic transmissions, enable the Atego to be precisely adapted to the specific requirement profiles of a wide variety of short-radius distribution applications.

In order to conform to the upcoming Euro VI emissions standard, the new Atego is available with four newly designed BlueTec 6 four-cylinder engines from the OM 934 model series with a displacement of 5.1-litres. The four-valve engines with two overhead camshafts featuring adjustable valve timing perfectly cover the performance range 115 kW (156 hp) to 170 kW (231 hp) in short-radius distribution.

As additional engine options for the new Atego Euro VI there are three newly designed six-cylinder OM 936 engines with a performance range from 175 kW (238 hp) to 220 kW (299 hp) and 7.7-litre displacement. The especially high-torque Euro VI engines consume up to five per cent less fuel whilst in some cases benefitting from considerably longer maintenance intervals, which are determined using the new dynamic maintenance calculator.

These engines conform to the upcoming emissions standard, using Common Rail technology and cooled exhaust gas recirculation as well as an exhaust box with an integrated SCR system and closed particulate filter. As already familiar from the heavy-duty model series, the new Atego also boasts the FleetBoard EcoSupport concept to increase economy further.