UTO Kontrol  logoAutokontrol, the UK’s leading manufacturer of vehicle speed control devices, has seen fuel economy improvements of 24.72% in a test conducted by a major utilities company. This six month trial involved the latest version of the Autokontrol Engine Rev. Control unit.

The trial consisted of 19 vehicles ranging from mid-sized panel vans through to 3.5 tonne GVW vans and tippers as well as 4×4 pick-up trucks. All 19 vehicles involved were running at maximum gross weight with the majority of them used to tow trailers.

As such, this was a demanding test for any device claiming to improve fuel economy. The Autokontrol Rev. Control came through with flying colours. The average fuel economy improvement across all 19 vehicles in the trial was an exceptional 4.42 mpg or 24.72% economy gain, with some of the 3.5 tonne vehicles showing up to 13.0 mpg improvement.

As a result of this successful trial the company has now ordered over 300 Autokontrol Rev.Control units. These will be used to equip the remainder of its LCV fleet and gain the benefit from on-going fuel savings worth hundreds of thousands of pounds a year.

The Autokontrol Rev. Control unit, which costs between £260 and £300 + VAT fitted (dependent on quantity), is suitable for virtually any make and type of diesel or petrol engine vehicle.

The Rev. Control unit is normally set (as in the trial mentioned above) to limit maximum engine revs to the peak torque speed. This setting gives the driver maximum power and optimum fuel economy. A further advantage of the Rev. Control unit is that it provides a reduction in CO2 and a reduced likelihood of damage to engines and transmissions.

Stuart Gray, Autokontrol Director, comments: “Autokontrol always encourages potential customers to conduct their own fuel saving trials with any of our systems. We support these trials by providing and installing a system free of charge and in major trials we will consider increasing this commitment. In this way potential customers can accurately see how the UK-made product can benefit their fleet operation in terms of fuel and cost savings.”

Autokontrol manufactures and markets a wide range of vehicle speed control products, including Drive by Wire devices:

  • Top Speed Limiters
  • Engine Rev. Controls
  • Combo – Top Speed Limiter and Engine Rev. Control combination
  • Dual Speed Limiter – Top speed & towing speed
  • Dual Speed Limiter – Top speed & off road speed
  • Anti Idle device
  • Delimiter

For more information: 0161 626 4271 or gerry@autokontrol.com