Carrier Transicold has extended its alternator-driven NEOS range of refrigeration units with the launch of the NEOS 100S – a conventional split system concept for commercial vehicles with a loadspace of up to six cubic metres. The new model joins its sister unit NEOS 100 “slim” to complete a versatile product line-up for small van operators wanting superior load-protection combined with environmentally sound technologies. Carrier Transicold is part of Carrier Corp., a business unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX).

Mounted externally on the vehicle roof to create extra space inside the cab, the NEOS 100S split system builds on the advanced safety features of its sister unit and can fit most light commercial vehicle sizes, types or brands. Its slim-line evaporator can be installed into even the smallest of cargo compartments to optimise loading space.

Unlike direct-drive systems, both models in the NEOS range use power from the vehicle’s alternator to maintain a constant cooling or heating capacity regardless of engine speed. This guarantees temperature integrity and ensures a faster pull-down whilst reducing engine load, resulting in improved fuel consumption. Alternator-power negates the need for the compressor to be engine-driven, eliminating refrigerant hoses and fittings to connect the condenser and thus significantly reducing the potential for refrigerant leakage. In addition, all connections between the condenser and evaporator are made with copper pipe instead of flexible hoses to further reduce potential leaks.

Justin Grace, Managing Director of Carrier Transicold UK, stated: “There is a continued drive from fleets to adopt refrigeration solutions that offer improved environmental credentials, and the innovative NEOS range is the perfect solution. With 80 per cent fewer fittings than an equivalent system running on conventional technology, the NEOS 100 and 100S systems can operate with less refrigerant and with a reduced risk of leaks, which further increases product reliability.
“This launch follows extensive pan-European customer experience with the NEOS 100 slim concept and allows Carrier to offer customers the option of an externally mounted all-electric refrigeration system for light vehicles.”

With significantly reduced maintenance requirements versus conventional belt-drive systems, the two NEOS models use chlorine-free non-ozone-depleting R134a refrigerant to deliver a cooling or heating capacity of 1,140 watts. This enables them to reach 0°C inside the loadspace at 30°C ambient with a high airflow of 700 m³/h.

The power supply and all system functions are controlled by a micro-processor system linked to Carrier’s cab command system, which allows the driver to monitor and adjust the set point from the driver’s seat. As an added benefit, the NEOS range is fully compatible with the vehicle’s air-conditioning system to ensure both driver and payload stay cool during transportation.

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