The eBay charity auction for the first new Volvo FH to roll off the production line has been a true success.

The winning bid of 150,000 Euros (£120,000) greatly exceeds the market price and all proceeds will go to the Star for Life programme.

The winning bid was placed by Jean-Pierre Ducournau, founder of Ducournau Transports in France, with a fleet of more than 300 Volvo trucks. He is now the proud owner of the first new series-built FH – a visibly unique special-edition truck with an exclusive ‘number one’ emblem on the front.

“I am so pleased to have won this auction,” says Jean-Pierre Ducournau.

“In the mid-seventies, I was first in the south of France to own a Volvo F12 truck and for several decades I have been supporting different charity auctions.”

The auction web site attracted almost 165,000 visitors. All told, 35 bidders from all over Europe placed more than 95 bids for the first new Volvo FH during the ten-day eBay auction. It was clear from the outset that the winning bid would be high, since the market price was passed after just one day.

“We are incredibly proud that so many people were willing to pay so much money for the first new Volvo FH. This says a lot, not only about the truck’s worth as a one-off collector’s item, but also about its appeal as a whole,” says Claes Nilsson, President of Volvo Trucks.