At the Antwerp Festival in Belgium, power from a Doosan G30 generator supplied by Hertz Equipment played an important part in a breathtaking performance of giant mechanical marionettes created by the world famous French street theatre company, Royal de Luxe. 

Entitled ‘The Diver, his hand and the Little Giantess’, the spectacular event in Antwerp took place over three days during the Festival and was a reworking of Royal de Luxe’s ‘The Little Giantess of the Titanic and the Diver’, performed for the first time in the company’s home city of Nantes last year. The story was given an Antwerp context and a new title that referred both to the origin of the Antwerp name which means ‘Throwing hands’ in English and also the city’s legend of the Giant Antigoon and Brabo.

Founded in 1979 by Director, Jean Luc Courcoult, Royal de Luxe has staged thrilling events all around the world from places as far apart as England, Germany and Iceland to Chile and Australia. Played out in the streets, often in city centres, the events are always free and open to anyone to watch.

In Antwerp, the company is well loved for the previous productions of ’The Big Giant and The Little Giant’ in 1998 and especially ‘The Elephant’ in 2006. Like these, ‘The Diver, his hand and the Little Giantess’ featured giant figures which arrived in the city and went about their business for the three days of the event. As the performances took place, huge crowds gathered daily to watch the latest episode in the life of the visitors.

The first of the giant figures was the Diver which, with its transport system (a modified dragline excavator with an additional crane arm and cable structure) stood 15 m tall. The Doosan G30 generator was mounted on the transport system and provided power for electrical controls on the puppet, including the streetlamp lights that form his eyes and are moved by small motors. The Diver marionette itself was 9.5 m high, 2.8 m wide and weighed 2.5 tonne. Operated by 30 puppeteers, the Diver had a body made of steel, lime wood and poplar wood, hair made of horsehair and eyelashes made of broom hair.

Following the Diver was the Little Giantess mounted on a modified agricultural machine together weighing 13.5 tonne and standing 7.5 m high. Twenty-two people were needed to move the Little Giantess.

The performance also featured the Boat mounted on a lorry and trailer. Operated by 6 people, the Boat can pitch backwards and forwards and rock from side to side, as if in a storm. It was placed in a 12 m x 3 m basin filled with water and had a gigantic fan fixed at its prow to simulate different wind strengths.

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