Edbro, the number one supplier of hydraulic truck tipping hoists, has launched a new product to monitor the tipping angle of rigid trucks and trailers during operation. The ‘Inclinometer’ can accurately measure the tipping angle up to 0.1° and will signal a warning and prevent further tipping when the driver reaches a pre-programmed angle. The device helps to reduce accidents and possible driver injury and will even reduce insurance premiums in some instances.

In an attempt to bring a new level of safety to operators of tipping vehicles Edbro has launched the new ‘inclinometer’ tipping monitor to help ensure that vehicles don’t reach a dangerous angle during operation. The inclinometer has an in-cab display which will accurately show the tipping angle to the nearest 0.1°, and automatically compensates for sloping ground. When a pre-set danger point is reached a warning alarm begins to sound both inside and outside the vehicle to warn of the potential of the vehicle overturning. At this point a pneumatic valve is switched to prevent further tipping forcing the driver to lower the body and find safer ground conditions.

Edbro has many years of experience in the engineering of tipping equipment and has put extensive efforts into R&D to develop safety in the field. The Inclinometer is simple to install on new equipment and can also be retrofitted in just a few hours; once installed it will continuously monitor the tipping angle to reduce the risk of accidents.

Peter Smith, Sales and Marketing Director for Edbro, comments: “Judging tipping angles is never easy, especially when the vehicle is positioned on uneven ground. The Inclinometer aids the driver by giving accurate data on the angle of the rear of the chassis whilst tipping, improving safety and reducing the guesswork. A number of large aggregate fleet operators are already using these types of devices as standard in their vehicles some have even found that it has reduced their insurance premiums”

The Inclinometer has a weatherproof IP rating of IP68 and includes a pneumatic tipping cut off valve for safe tipping switch-off in the event of failure. The alarm is MIRA tested for use on and off highway, sounding a spoken alarm that plays at 85db.

For more information: www.edbro.co.uk