Enigma Vehicle Systems PLC have launched a special version of the company’s proven SK125 tracking unit designed specifically for trailers, or other unpowered assets, where theft recovery or location information are key requirements.

It is therefore ideal for a wide range of trailers within the plant, agricultural and logistics sectors, as well as caravans and horse boxes.

The new SK125 TT tracking unit is already in use by a number of organisations in the UK such as A-Plant and Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions.  Ian Keam-George, CEO of Enigma Vehicle Systems PLC, said: “We have been aware of the issues around trailers for some time and have been striving to provide an affordable, reliable and compact product. Trailers present unique problems as they are often targeted by thieves, have no driver and cannot easily be found at times of immediate need. They are also capable of carrying very high value loads, with criminals often stealing trailers with their own vehicle or disabling systems fitted to the operator’s tractor.”

The SK125 TT tracking unit features a long-life battery together with sophisticated battery management software providing approximately 150 days operation based on its own internal battery, working in a low power mode and reporting twice daily. However, when connected to a vehicle, the battery management in the SK125 TT is so efficient, it takes just 2.5 hours to completely recharge and replenish a fully discharged battery.  Once recharged, it will report just like any other device attached to Enigma’s market leading Skyline remote asset management system. In addition, once connected to an external power supply, the SK125 TT comes to life with fully detailed journey reporting, movement alerts and distance travelled reports. Additionally Skyline users can request positions at any time and achieve a response within just a few seconds.

Having completed exhaustive trials in both Europe and the Middle East, the new SK125 TT system has been tested in the extremes of both low and high temperatures. It is a proven and robust unit housed in a weatherproof enclosure and is designed for both external and internal installation.

Completely Internet-based, Enigma’s very successful Skyline GPS advanced tracking, security and telematics system provides detailed, relevant and user friendly reports on plant, vehicle or equipment status on a 24/7 basis.  Customers can access information from any computer, PDA, Blackberry or mobile phone with internet access. This requires no special tools, only industry-standard browsers, so there is no need to install additional software on the customer’s devices.

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