Gebr. Thomaidis GmbH, with its registered offices in Frankfurt/Main in Germany and branches near the Greek cities of Athens and Thessaloniki has extended its fleet by adding 55 Kögel trailers.

The company will be using the new trailers to transport a variety of goods, including steel and building materials, components for the automotive industry and grouped consignments. The decision in favour of the new Kögel Cargo Rail and Mega Rail trailers with RoRo equipment was specifically taken to allow Thomaidis to make flexible use of the Kögel trailers for transport by road, rail and ship, thus making a considerable contribution towards CO2 reduction and environmental conservation.

Kögel Cargo Rail and Mega Rail with RoRo equipment

The trailers designed for multimodal transport are equipped with a reinforced chassis frame. The gripper edges integrated into the frame, a gripper jaw tarpaulin protection and special axles in a rail design allow loading of the trailers onto rail transport. The 30 Kögel Cargo Rail and the 20 Mega Rail trailers have thus been designed for flexible loading onto the most common rail container wagons. As requested the trailers are equipped trailers for unaccompanied boat and ferry transport feature optional RoRo equipment with an 8 mm thick closed slide plate and four pairs of heavy-duty lashing rings with 12,000 kilograms of test force as well as signage in accordance with DIN EN 29367-2. Naturally the trailers are also certified according to DIN EN 12642 Code XL and thus designed for transport by express freight train with a speed of up to 140 km/h. To protect the interior of the front walls from damage during everyday use, it is fitted with an optional 12 millimetre thick and 1,250 millimetre high textured coated board. Additional individual equipment includes a steel light carrier, LED side lights, LED multi-chamber lights, a tarpaulin rope with two brackets and much more.

Kögel Light plus

The lightweight steel frame of the Kögel Light plus is optimised for even greater payloads and has a frame neck height of 120 millimetres. Thanks to the reduction of the frame neck by 60 millimetres, the trailer benefits from more usable internal height than the previous model. Its excellent stability and durability, despite the sparing use of materials in its construction, is ensured through the use of high-quality fine grain steels. Thanks to full-width cross beam, the payload is optimally and evenly distributed across the loading platform. Thomaidis has also opted for additional weight-reducing equipment such as aluminium rims, aluminium seat posts, lightweight tyres, aluminium air tanks and a portal door made of light and very stable duroplastic sandwich panels with a honeycomb core better known for its use in aeronautics. Naturally the five new Kögel Light plus are load-securing certified according to DIN EN 12642 Code XL.

Cathodic dip-paint coating: lasting protection from corrosion

On all of the 55 Kögel trailers, the entire vehicle frame is given long-lasting protection against corrosion by nano ceramic technology and cathodic dip-paint coating, supplemented with a coat of UV varnish.

“Following discussions with all well-known manufacturers, we were soon impressed and convinced by the total package offered by Kögel. Especially when it comes to the price/benefit ratio, Kögel scored best in comparison with the other manufacturers,” said Georgios Thomaidis, Director of Gebr. Thomaidis GmbH. “The products, especially the good workmanship and material quality, have won our complete approval. An additional and equally important decision-making factor was the excellent, competent advice we received and the helpful attitude of the entire sales team.”

Photo Caption: , From l-r: Oliver Dietrich, Head of Sales for the DACH Region at Kögel; Georgios Thomaidis, Director of Gebr. Thomaidis GmbH; Rolf Neuenhausen, Key Account Manager at Kögel