truckChristened ‘TITAN’, the latest design from Europe’s leading hookloader manufacturer is focused on the UK’s 8×4 and 6×4 truck chassis markets and offers a host of innovations and improvements over previous hookloader models.

Principal of these is a modular, fully bolted construction making assembly and maintenance of the complete unit much simpler. Similarly, TITAN is significantly easier and speedier to mount on the truck chassis thanks to a huge range of pre-drilled bolt holes in the unit’s sideframes.

Running along the top of TITAN’s siderails, all bodyguides / rollers and bracketry are now also bolted into position, these components also being galvanised for reduced wear and resistance to corrosion.
Improved geometry at the rear (principally by reducing the height of the hinge pin in the unit by over 40mm) allows easier, less stressful lifting and faster loading.

The two main lifting cylinders now work at higher pressure, up to 350bar. This means they operate faster than on previous models, whilst also being smaller and lighter. Pipework is now located under the cylinders to reduce potential damage.

At the critical point where the cylinders join the main lifting mast, the load bearing yokes are now fully forged for extra strength and durability.

For additional on-road safety and security, TITAN also features a new ‘Combi’  locking system to easily and quickly secure all types and sizes of containers. ADR certified, the locking system can hold a 25 tonnes load with 1G of sideways force.

For the driver, the loading / unloading sequence is now faster than before, due to both the higher pressure cylinders and a simplified hydraulic circuit.

The in-cab controls have also been revised, with the added benefit of a new warning light display system that’s easy to install into a standard DIN slot in either the dashboard or headlining.

TITAN also offers customers Hyva’s own ‘AutoSheet’ width – adjustable sheeting system, now with Whole Vehicle Type Approval as part of the overall TITAN product specification.

Speaking on the eve of the RWM Show, Hyva’s UK’s Managing Director Tony Davies says: “TITAN is unquestionably the most advanced hookloader product the waste and transport industries have yet seen.

Everything about TITAN is better thought out, making it more productive, more efficient and more practical. In every area, from mounting it on the truck chassis to performing routine maintenance, TITAN is easier, simpler and more cost-effective.

Here in the UK, Hyva is already the market leader in hookloaders and now we have a game – changing product that sets new performance standards for the future.”