Kelly International Floored by payload potential of mega trailers

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Fuel and lubricants distributor Linton Fuel Oils Ltd has seen the benefit of adopting Continental tyres for its vehicles, and is now close to fitting the premium brand across its entire fleet.

Kelly International Truck photoKelly International Transport is adding four S.CS MEGA VARIOS trailers from Schmitz Cargobull to its fleet as it claims maximised payload is achieved despite the requirement for Joloda floors – an advantage it has latterly struggled to find from other manufacturers. The Kent-based haulier – which predominantly exports paper reels from three UK paper mills to newsprint and packaging customers throughout Europe – is scaling-up its existing fleet of 16 identical trailers in-line with continued business expansion.

“Our company has doubled in size over the last three years in terms of customer numbers, contracts and the diversity of goods we are asked to carry,” said Martin Kelly, Director of Kelly International Transport Ltd. “To meet these demands, particularly the increased requirement for general international haulage and the fast-growing exhibition side of the company, we need our equipment to be flexible. The MEGA trailer with a height adjustable VARIOS body gives us everything we need in one trailer.

“With a core business of exporting paper reels, we place a lot of value on Joloda floors, but have been told by other manufacturers that this will mean a compromise on internal load space within the trailer. Schmitz Cargobull is able to prevent this with a slimmer chassis depth and a Joloda floor which is integrated into the trailer structure,” added Kelly.

The S.CS MEGA trailer with VARIOS body allows Kelly International to take advantage of a three-metre interior height as the trailer’s height can be adjusted at the rear and bulkhead in 50 mm steps. This consequently allows for a fifth wheel coupling of between 965 and 1,150 mm.

The versatility of this model – which meets the four-metre overall running height regulations of trailers in Europe – eliminates the need for vehicle swaps as the trailer can accommodate a capacity of up to 100m³, catering for a broad range of cargo.

“We have been specifying equipment from Schmitz Cargobull for four years and it now represents the predominant supplier of our trailer fleet. This comes down to a strong supplier-customer relationship and a provision of equipment which is ideal for our European service offering,” added Kelly. The four new trailers are expected to remain on the fleet for the next five years.

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