Bobcat has launched the new 3400D multi-purpose diesel-powered utility vehicle. The increased power, traction and versatility offered by the 3400D utility vehicle allow the user to take on a wider variety of applications and to negotiate all types of terrain in areas as diverse as farms and country estates to construction and landscaping worksites. Other applications include nurseries; buildings and grounds maintenance; fairs and exhibitions; mining and the military.

The 3400D, which replaces the previous 2200D model, is driven by an 18.2 kW Yanmar liquid-cooled diesel engine providing 20% more power than the 2200D engine.  The large 34 litre diesel tank on the 3400D allows the vehicle to work all day long.  The 3400D offers a top speed of 48 km/h (in high gear), 8 km/h more than the 2200D model.  The low gear and reverse speed is limited to 24 km/h and is intended to provide maximum drive torque.

The 241 mm of ground clearance on the 3400D allows the vehicle to traverse rugged terrain such as rocky and rutted surfaces as well as muddy farm fields.  The chassis is 2870 mm long, 1524 mm wide and 1905 mm high, making it 279 mm shorter in length and 91 mm lower than the chassis of the 2200D, but with the same stable width.

The 3400D utility vehicle, which is completely CE compliant, offers an excellent ride quality.  The suspension system is four-wheel independent, with non-adjustable MacPherson struts on the front end and preload-adjustable shocks in the rear.  The rear shocks also have two different mounting positions.  The normal setting, which is more at an angle, is for ordinary situations, light duty work and recreational use.  The straighter shock-mounting position is for more arduous situations, when travel is slower and loads are heavy.

The Variable Rate Acceleration (VRA) on the 3400D enables the vehicle to increase speed at a slower rate for the first half of the accelerator pedal’s travel and more quickly during the second half. This allows for precise throttle control when manoeuvring the machine in tight situations.

Turf Mode allows the rear wheels to turn at different speeds in order to lessen the impact on the ground (such as on manicured lawns).  Two-wheel (locked rear differential for better traction) and four-wheel drive (maximum torque to every wheel) modes are also available on the standard and deluxe versions of the 3400D.

The capacity of the composite polymer cargo box is 38% larger than that of the 2200D and the vehicle can carry a 500 kg payload, 33% heavier than the 2200D.  Since the cargo bed is made from composite materials, it will not rust and resists minor scrapes and scratches.  The cargo bed includes tie-down points, a manual dumping lever with lift assist strut (standard version) and an easy-to-open, fold-flat tailgate.

With a tow rating of 680 kg, the 3400D can easily pull trailers and other equipment.
Machine protection includes a CVT cover (with drain plug), full belly skid plate, CV boot guards and a radiator guard.  The routine maintenance points on the 3400D (oil check, clean air filter, etc.) are easy to access and monitor.

The Bobcat 3400D utility vehicle has a choice of drive modes and dealer-installed accessories, designed to accommodate the needs of the widest variety of applications. Several kits are available to upgrade the vehicle, including work lights on the ROPS, canopy or cab and off-road lights (with brush guard mount). Other optional features include a shift knob controller, powered cargo box lift and modular steel or canvas cabs.

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