Productivity and efficiency in the collection, delivery and installation of recycling equipment has DAFbeen considerably boosted by the flexibility designed into an unusual new DAF now in service with Husmann UK.

The company supplies and installs a wide range of recycling equipment, from compactors to shredders, which are manufactured by Husmann at four sites in Germany. The 8×4 DAF is used to collect this equipment from Hull docks, take it to the Husmann UK base on Merseyside and from there deliver it to sites across the UK. When on site the truck’s crane can also used to assist the installation of the equipment.

By choosing the maximum 6.4 metre wheelbase day cab option for the DAF CF85 four-axle chassis the company was able to have both a large crane mounted behind the cab and a hooklift system fitted. Its drawbar configuration allows more products to be carried and this also contributes to reducing the time in which an installation can be completed.

The roll on – roll off system brings further flexibility as it allows either a flatbed body to be used on which to load equipment, or one of Husmann’s 40 cubic yard skip-based compactor systems to be carried directly on the truck with another on the trailer.

“This new DAF has effectively doubled our carrying capacity and significantly increased our productivity,” says Engineering Manager, Ian Murray. “Now, using both the truck and trailer, we can collect up to four of our static compactors from the docks in a single lift – two on the truck and two on the trailer.

“On the installation side, the DAF and its trailer can usually carry most of the kit needed to set up a complete waste transfer station or a public amenity site, so only one trip is required. On arrival the crane can be used to position the equipment quickly and accurately for our installation teams, considerably cutting down the time taken to complete the job. We can also take a feed off the vehicle for power tools needed on site.”

In its four-axle configuration the DAF provides an inherently stable platform on which to put a roll on – roll off system able to carry high and bulky loads. It also suits the heavy HMF crane that sits behind the cab, with the DAF’s 32 tonne gross weight (44 tonnes gtw) allowing ample latitude on payload. Specifying 315 tyres on the front steer axles and a hub reduction rear bogie also helps to ensure that the DAF is always well within its capabilities.

Power is from the 12.9 litre PACCAR MX engine rated at 410 bhp (300 kw) at between 1500-1900 rpm. This delivers 2000 Nm of torque across a band from 1000 to 1410 rpm, enabling easy move-offs in all load or road conditions. Abba Commercials of St Helens fitted the crane and the Edbro hooklift equipment. The HMF crane has a lifting capacity of 32 tonnes and a maximum reach of 8 metres at which it can lift 4 tonnes.

The truck was supplied by DAF dealer North West Trucks of Huyton.

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