The new DL420 wheel loader from Doosan will be shown for the first time at Samoter 2011, as part of an impressive line-up of Doosan equipment, that will include a wide range of excavators and the Doosan Moxy range of articulated dump trucks (ADTs). New Doosan

Doosan continues to extend and enhance its range of large wheel loaders with the launch of the new DL420, which succeeds and replaces the DL400. With a bucket capacity of 4.0 m3, the DL420 is designed to offer exceptional performance in terms of ease of handling, power, serviceability and durability. It is intended to meet a wide range of material-handling needs from loading and transporting granular material (such as sand and gravel), to industrial, mining and quarrying applications. With the addition of the DL420, the Doosan range of articulated wheel loaders includes 8 models with bucket capacities from 1.5 to 5 m3. Key features offered by the DL420 include more productivity at lower cost, reliability, comfort and ease of maintenance.

The DL420 offers a static tipping load with bucket of 18.9 tonnes (at maximum reach with a straight frame) and a height at bucket pivot point of 4.35 m. Equipped with a pin-on bucket with teeth and tipped forward at 45°, the dump height is 2.96 m and the dump reach is 1.40 m. Breakout force is among the highest in its category at 210 kN, an important feature for a machine of this Z kinematic class, providing a higher stripping force when working in the hardest materials. Two working modes (standard and economical) are available to optimise the consumption/productivity ratio and adapt the loader to the work at hand.

The 22.3 tonne DL420 loader is powered by the 10.8 litre, 6 cylinder turbocharged Cummins QSM11 electronically-controlled engine with high pressure unit injector system and a state-of-the-art combustion system. Emissions are well below phase III regulatory limits and fuel consumption is about 7 % less when compared to the DL400. The engine develops 209 kW (284 HP) at 2000 rpm and offers a maximum torque of 148 kg.m at 1400 rpm, for optimal traction and breakout force in loading-transport-handling applications.

There are 4 travel speed ranges forwards with maximum speeds of 6.5, 12.4, 18.4, and 38 km/h and 3 travel speed ranges backwards with maximum speeds of 6.5, 12.4 and 18.4 km/h. Thanks to the powerful Cummins engine, the DL420 offers fast acceleration and is able to reach 90% of the maximum speed in 2.3 seconds. The larger engine also is designed to provide increased durability and a longer service life.

The Doosan Moxy range
The Doosan Moxy range of articulated dump trucks (ADTs) provides a line of advanced, reliable and cost effective vehicles, offering significant competitive advantages. The Doosan Moxy range currently comprises four trucks: MT26MT31MT36MT41.

The MT26 and MT31 models offer payloads of 24.1 and 28 tonne and are powered by the Scania DC9 engine, with gross power outputs of 228 kW (310 HP) and 255 kW (347 HP), respectively. The MT36 and MT41 have payloads of 32.7 and 38 tonne, with 294 kW (400 HP) and 331 kW (450 HP) of power provided by the Scania DC12 engine, respectively. The Scania engines incorporate an ‘air-to-air’ intercooler and achieve low fuel consumption, meeting Tier 3 emission regulations.

Doosan Moxy ADTs feature wet brakes offering exceptionally long service life and sealed protection from the environment. They have permanent 6-wheel drive for equal power distribution while the free-swinging rear tandem bogie and the special articulation system offer excellent driving performance in difficult terrain. The articulation hinge is positioned behind the turning ring to ensure equal weight distribution, even during maximum turning ensuring maximum contact between tyres and road so that all fuel consumption is converted to traction.

Doosan Moxy articulated dump trucks are optimised for extreme off road performance. The exceptionally agile undercarriage ensures that Doosan Moxy trucks can drive on terrain where other trucks may struggle to follow and also perform just as well on normal construction sites such as road works and mass excavation hauling.

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