Nine days, eight packets of biscuits

Mercedes Benz van photo

Mercedes-Benz vans are, according to the tagline, ‘born to run’. This means they’re not just capable of being among the toughest

Mercedes Benz van photoMercedes-Benz vans are, according to the tagline, ‘born to run’. This means they’re not just capable of being among the toughest, most versatile and efficient vans on-sale today but that they’re backed up by the highest possible levels of customer care available.

A network of dealers extending from Truro to Aberdeen provides the vital support to keep Mercedes-Benz customers on the road, regardless of their location and the time of day or night, ensuring the van can be relied on to run, and run and run. And, to prove it, the new Citan has been subjected to the toughest trip imaginable.

There are 98 Mercedes-Benz Van dealers and service centres in mainland Britain – a pair of unlikely explorers, equipped with a Citan van and a camera, were sent to visit every single one of them in one mighty journey.

The Citan is the best van for the job – its compact proportions make it manoeuvrable and efficient while its specially developed springs, dampers and anti-roll bars mean it’s refined even over the most challenging roads. Likewise, its bespoke interior means that even on the longest journey the Citan provides the comfort expected of a Mercedes-Benz.

The van itself is backed up by dealers that appreciate the need to keep the van on the road wherever possible, which is why many dealers are open 24 hours – while an owner rests, the van can be serviced. Meaning that when the owner is ready to go, so is the van. To prove the theory that a friendly face would greet them regardless of the hour, the bonnet of the Citan was signed by every dealer as it continued its journey.

In the space of just nine days, the Citan covered 3,807-miles as it weaved a route from Aberdeen to Truro visiting all 98 dealers. The six tanks of diesel the Citan used in the process was eclipsed by the eight packets of biscuits,14 takeaways, 16 sandwiches, 18 cups of coffee and 21 bottles of water consumed  by its occupants.

Following its progress was Steve Bridge, Sales and Marketing Director, Mercedes-Benz Vans: ‘This epic trip neatly proves that no matter how hard our vans are driven and the hours put in, we’re on-hand to provide support to our customers – both the product and our network of dealers are capable of meeting and exceeding their justifiably high expectations and keeping Mercedes-Benz vans running, and running.’


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