“To improve efficiencies, reduce risk and enable a proactive approach to addressing maintenance issues, we needed to monitor driving behaviour, mileage and vehicle health more accurately. Working with Ford Telematics powered by Telogis has allowed us to reach our goals and more, whilst helping us generate significant long term operational cost savings.”
Kevin Breen, Finance Director, Mulholland Contracts

Founded more than forty years ago, Mulholland Contracts Ltd. is one of the largest privately owned construction companies in Scotland. The company provides a range of construction based services including Groundworks, Surfacing and Utilities and Street lighting to major blue chip housing developers and corporations.
Mulholland Contracts had no IT infrastructure in place to support the running, maintenance and tracking of its vehicles. In order to drive productivity and secure greater cost savings, senior management recognised that the company would benefit from deploying a data-driven technology solution. Mulholland Contracts therefore invested in a new range of Ford vehicles, which was equipped with Ford Telematics powered by Telogis.

Choosing the right solution provider
Historically Mulholland Contracts had been operating a fleet of Peugeot vans to transport field workers. This had no in-built intelligence to monitor drivers and identify where greater efficiencies or savings could be made, such as with maintenance, fuel costs or insurance premiums.
Kevin Breen, Finance Director, Mulholland Contracts comments: “The company has been operating for many years without any fleet-based intelligence at all, however as our fleet grew, we were increasingly challenged without this supportive layer of IT. We were aware that we needed to be much more proactive in our approach, in spotting where greater competences could be made, and addressing any maintenance issues before rather than after they happened.”
Following an audit of available solutions at the annual Commercial Vehicle show, Mulholland Contracts was impressed with the ease of use, depth of information and quality of reports offered from Ford Telematics powered by Telogis. After a week-long Phase 1 of the technology, Mulholland Contracts deployed 100 Ford Transit Crew vans to transport teams of engineers and field workers to over 50 sites across central Scotland. Mulholland Contracts used Telogis’ ‘On-Boarding’ process, meaning the vans were set up, fitted out and ready to hit the road in a matter of days once the agreement had been made.

Driving efficiencies across the business
From the first day use, the quality of the information offered from the Telogis platform meant Mulholland Contracts was confident it would be able to operate more flexibly and make more informed long-term decisions on a range of issues.

Better maintenance scheduling
Ford Telematics powered by Telogis streamlines servicing requirements with automated reminders based on the condition of the vehicle in real time, resulting in lower preventive maintenance costs and less downtime.
Kevin Breen comments: “With no prior vehicle intelligence, we had no forewarning of a van breaking down. This often meant that with each van transporting a team of six workers to a site, we incurred a valuable loss of billable hours, delaying the project at hand. Now, we receive alerts regarding maintenance issues which we can proactively address, making us even more consistent for our clients.”

Reporting made simple
With Ford Telematics powered by Telogis, Mulholland Contracts can generate detailed reports at the touch of a button and on any key performance indicator (KPI) specified, be it fuel consumption, miles travelled or idling.
Kevin Breen comments: “We wanted more visibility and audits on the handling and health of our vans – but one of our main concerns was that the system we chose would be too complex to use without specialist help. This is not the case with Ford Telematics powered by Telogis as it is so easy to navigate and operate. The bespoke reports reveal business-critical trends, and have become a staple of our board-level meetings, and when discussing efficiency savings. They can be drawn up at a moment’s notice to hone in on specific KPIs, such as harsh braking or acceleration, highlighting any areas that need urgent attention.”

Reducing insurance premiums and mitigating theft
Mulholland Contracts realised that when operating a fleet, a single speeding ticket or traffic accident could incur higher insurance premiums for the business year-on-year. However, automated reports could help validate improved safety records, having a knock-on effect on lowering costly insurance premiums. In addition, Ford Telematics powered by Telogis can track vehicles if they go off the grid mistakenly – or if they are stolen. A higher recovery rate means reduced vehicle loss and insurance claim costs.
Kevin Breen comments: “We recently had a van stolen from one of our sites. Before, this would have meant reporting the loss to the police and waiting by the phone. Now, we were able to contact the police and search for it ourselves using the highly intuitive location software. This led to us quickly locating the vehicle, undamaged, preventing unnecessary loss for the company which was a great result – unachievable without the technology in place.”

Meeting compliance standards and amplifying ROI Adhering to industry compliance was a high priority for Mulholland Contracts. As with all businesses, failure to comply can result in fines, loss of license or operating authority. HMRC had legislation in place regarding the use of company cars for private journeys. Kevin Breen comments: “Before, we had limited visibility into where our vans went, and if they were used post 5 PM on a Friday. Now with our intelligent Ford fleet, we know exactly where and when our vans are parked, to the second, meaning we can always verify this to HMRC.”
A key objective for Mulholland Contracts when choosing a technology provider was the ability to reduce long-term operating costs. With Ford Telematics powered by Telogis, management can more closely monitor driving behaviours, boosting productivity and reducing factors such as fuel spend.
Kevin Breen comments: “We have already seen major opportunity to drive ROI. For instance, by knowing exactly where our drivers are during the working day, we’ve saved an average of one hour per week – which across our workforce equals a 2.5% efficiency gain – a major labour boost in the context of a year. We have also forecasted a saving of 5% on fuel each year, equating to in excess of £50K. This can be redirected to drive innovation elsewhere in the business, in order to maintain a competitive edge.”

Moving forward
To enhance cost savings and encourage more conscientious driving behaviours long term, Mulholland Contracts plans to implement a driver incentive programme. A ‘driver of the month’ will be awarded based on the most economical driving practised and miles per gallon saved – enabled through gamification technologies within the Telogis platform.
Elsewhere, Mulholland Contracts will deploy eight HGV lorries, supported with Ford Telematics, powered by Telogis in the next six months. This will rely on the sophisticated routing and scheduling technologies the platform offers, enabling the company to identify where a lorry is in real-time and redirect them to get to a customer or end-point quicker; improving service and ensuring more efficient asset utilisation in the long term.