A leading retail and fashion logistics provider is deploying in an all-electric truck for one of the most prestigious delivery routes in the UK.

Clipper has invested in a Smith Newton electric truck for deliveries to stores on London’s Regent Street. Clipper operates a consolidation centre in Enfield, which helps cut down the number of trucks operating in the West End.

Tony Mannix, Managing Director at Clipper, said: “Sustainability remains high on our corporate agenda, and the introduction of this latest electric vehicle to our existing fleet, brings us another step closer to achieving our environmental targets.

“The vehicle further demonstrates Clipper’s commitment to working closely with our retail partners to combat congestion and reduce our environmental impact in one of the world’s busiest retail areas.”

The Consolidation Centre reduces traffic congestion, improves air quality and allows for deliveries to be made to better suit the retailers, and also offers full pre-retail services to make best use of in-store staff.  Deliveries are consolidated with those of other retailers from around Regent Street and released from Clipper’s warehouse to arrive at the stores at pre-arranged times. Deploying an electric truck provides further environmental benefits, including lower noise and air pollution, better energy efficiency and lower CO2 emissions.

Clipper invested in the Smith Newton truck as part of its ongoing commitment to the Crown Estate, which owns and manages Regent Street.

The purchase of the Smith Newton further builds on Clipper’s impressive track record in sustainability. The company was recently awarded ‘5 Star status’ membership for the Eco Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme in Mid Devon and was the first company to join the scheme in South Yorkshire.

Smith Electric Vehicles Europe Ltd (Smith Electric) is the UK market leader in commercial electric vehicles. Smith Electric designs electric vehicles for depot-based, predictable route, multi-drop applications. Quiet and clean, these vehicles are ideal for deliveries in residential areas, emit no air pollutants and reduce CO2 emissions from transport.  Customers include major fleet operators in North America, Scandinavia, Europe and Hong Kong.

For more information: www.smithelectricvehicles.com