Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is on a growth course – in 2010 worldwide deliveries to customers went up by 22.8% to 435,600 light commercial vehicles (2009: 354,800). With a sales revenue of € 7.394 billion, the brand achieved an operating profit of € 232 million. “We see the central reason for the steep increase in deliveries in 2010 – and our associated positive financial result – in our modern range of light commercial vehicles with their leading edge technology”, emphasized Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber, Speaker for the Board of Management of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, at the brand’s press conference today. “With these, we are laying a solid foundation for a profitable future growth course.”

Bestseller and driving force behind the growth in 2010 was the T5 Series with its Transporter, Volkswagen Commercial VehiclesCaravelle, Multivan and California variants. Global deliveries of the T5 went up by 27%to 148,000 units (2009: 116,500). 124,000 T5s were sold in Europe, 26,000 more than in the previous year, representing a growth of 25.8%. Of these, approximately 59,000 deliveries were accounted for by the German market, a plus of 27.7%. In both market areas, the T5 is the clear market leader, with a market share of 26.1% in Europe and 46.5% in Germany.

Worldwide sales of the Caddy Series amounted to 128,700 and were about 8%, or approximately 11,000 units, below the high number of deliveries in the previous year, which had been achieved due to the scrapping premiums (2009: 139,800). In Europe, Caddy deliveries went down by 13.9% to 104,000 vehicles, Germany’s share of this being 42,000 unit sales. First-time registrations of the Caddy in Germany again held the top position with a 43.8 percent market share, and the third position in Europe, with a share of 17.4%.

The Crafter achieved 37,450 deliveries worldwide – approximately 3500 more than in 2009 – thus attaining an increase of 10.4%  (2009: 33,900). Deliveries in Europe rose by 8.7% to 30,000, a figure which includes the German market with a volume of 12,000 Crafters, representing an increase of 13.8%.

The Amarok achieved global deliveries of 22,600 in its introductory year. “In the markets on which it was launched in 2010, the Amarok gained good competitive positions starting from scratch. Here one can mention two representative examples, Argentina and Germany, where our midsize pickup has already climbed to second place in the competitive environment in its launch year.

This makes us very optimistic about increasing deliveries in the strongly growth-oriented pickup segment in 2011, both here and elsewhere in the world;” says Harald Schomburg, Member of the Board of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles for Sales and Marketing.

Sales of light commercial vehicles from Brazilian production also grew. Deliveries of the Saveiro doubled, totalling 72,800 unit sales. Sales figures for the Brazilian classic T2 remained stable, at 26,100 deliveries.

The 2010 sales successes of the Caddy, T5 and Crafter models made sure that once again in 2010, for the fourth time in succession, these series clearly headed first-time registrations in the competition-intensive segment of city delivery vans and transporters up to 6 tonnes gross vehicle weight in the European Economic Area*.  With a market share of 15.5%, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles was able to further strengthen its lead position.

“More and more commercial customers confirm the central competitive advantages of our contemporary models, particularly apparent in their lower consumption, higher safety and greater functionality and comfort”, Schomburg emphasized. “These qualities, in combination with the high degree of specialization and consistent customer orientation of our sales partners, are the success factors for our leading position.”

In 2011 these potentials are to be developed initially with the New Crafter, which will soon be entering competition with enhanced efficiency and outstanding operating economy. The launch of the new model throughout Europe is planned for June of this year, the head of sales says.

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