The world of film-making is awash with lacklustre sequels, we’ve all too often sat through painful big budget follow ups attempting to cash in on the boxmniDEL e office success of their predecessors but rarely do they deliver. 0mniDEL-e

In the world of waste management, leading environmental equipment manufacturer Terberg Matec recently premiered two follow ups to break away from that norm at the Pollutec 2010 exhibition, promising that the products in question will not only deliver more than their predecessor, they will collect better too!

Unveiling two new evolutions in their “Omni” line of bin lift equipment Terberg Matec presented their first fuel-free, low voltage, electric binlift in the shape of the OmniDEL e and an all new OmniDEL binlift.

Featuring an all star line up of features the new OmniDEL e and OmniDEL look set to offer the waste management market the best available performance from a bin lift, whether it be electrically powered or more traditionally powered and the pair of new arrivals certainly attracted a great deal of attention on their show stands G147 and G148.

Promising a surprise launch prior to the show, Terberg Matec didn’t disappoint, revealing the OmniDEL e on the opening day presenting a robust, safe and reliable binlift with proven OmniDEL heritage that is designed to compliment the ever growing collective of alternative fuel and hybrid RCV’s that have emerged in recent years.

Of course, the OmniDEL e is equally at home on traditional diesel powered RCV’s and as the OmniDEL e relies solely on electrical power for its operation it offers potential savings in fuel of around 1,900 litres of fuel per annum per RCV when compared with a traditionally powered bin lift. Of course fuel savings like this add up to healthy CO2 and PM10 reductions too.

The OmniDEL e has been developed to be powered using a safer 24v DC power source thereby eliminating the potential risks associated with similar systems using high “mains” voltage to power bin lift operation. Requiring only electrical power the OmniDEL e also negates the need for a second pump on vehicle chassis’ and requires no hydraulic body preparation, it is therefore a straightforward “bolt on, plug in and play on” system that will significantly reduce fitting times, eliminate the chance of oil contamination from the bin lift and reduce body preparation costs.

With engineless operation possible the OmniDEL e offer practically silent operation creating a safer working environment for collection operators. Forward thinking during the design process ensure that the OmniDEL e is prepared to interface with future developments in electric chassis and packer body technologies.

Terberg Matec say that the technology applied to the OmniDEL to create the OmniDEL e should be transferrable to other bin lifts in their range so watch this space.

Its not just the electrical specific elements of the OmniDEL e that are new either, the latest OmniDEL has received much more than a ‘nip and tuck’ and shares improvements in common components and product design with the OmniDEL e that are borne of global customer feedback received from over six years of operation of thousands of OmniDEL units.

So what can you expect from the new OmniDEL and OmniDEL e?
Well, collection efficiencies are certainly going to improve as both systems offer a reduced cycle time of 6 seconds, shaving a whole second from the previous lift, discharge and return cycle. The same lightweight design principles remain making the new OmniDEL and OmniDEL e two of the lightest, full featured, low level automatic bin lifts available today.

Maintenance times are reduced too with several reliability improvements such as vibration resistant, IP69K rated, automotive components that offer better resistance to high pressure, high temperature cleaning and the harsh environment of modern bin collections. Bearing housings are improved and Terberg have integrated contactless wear-free angle sensors to the newly designed bin lifts. Also improved is the hopper plate with increased reinforcement to withstand potential damage.

In the unlikely event of a breakdown repair times are expected to be shorter too. Better access to control boxes and components, the addition of ‘Plug and Play’ connections to all cables, an improved intelligent diagnosis system and a CAN controlled system that includes CleAN open protocol to offer simpler interfacing with truck chassis and bodies all improve ease of repair and maintenance.

Terberg are confident that the combined effect of everything above results in two binlifts with even better reliability and less downtime than the previous incarnation of OmniDEL.

Terberg have re-positioned the OmniDEL and OmniDEL e emergency stop buttons to a provide an even better ergonomic fit with operators, the fold-out safety arms haven’t escaped the overhaul either, having been redesigned to be more robust and have a longer life.

Popular features carried over from the previous OmniDEL include automatic mode changeover between trade and domestic operation, a sonar sensor anti-spillage system to automatically shake bins containing difficult to discharge materials, single point greasing providing fuss free greasing of all ten points, a two-speed lift cycle providing a safe, smooth bin pick up and a tip angle of 50° to ensure discharge of ‘sticky’ materials. Last but not least, the new OmniDEL retains Terberg’s unique pick-up geometry that prevents kick back of bins to reduce the likelihood of operator injury.

Director for Terberg Matec France, M. Bert-Jan Haverkamp said: “Pollutec 2010 was an excellent opportunity for us to present the best of innovation and ingenuity that Terberg Matec have to offer. This year we feel that our stand surpassed the performance of previous years resulting in a very busy stand each day with some very encouraging enquiries taken during the show.

“Our decision to take additional stand space proved worthwhile giving us the ideal platform from which to launch and demonstrate two brand new products and to showcase the excellent KTZ product.

The show provided a fantastic forum in which to meet up with clients old and new together with some promising prospective clients. From the feedback received its clear that Terberg Matec at Pollutec 2010 had something of interest to everyone”

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