Axtec will again be demonstrating why it is the world’s leader in vehicle axle weighing technology at the waste and recyling industry show, RWM 2012.

The Cheshire based company offers waste producers and processors a full range of solutions to their vehicle and load weighing needs. These include vehicle on-board systems to protect drivers and operators against accidental overloading, portable systems and the Axtec 4000 dynamic drive over weighbridge, which is certified as the world’s most accurate dynamic weighbridge.

As well as protecting against overloading, with its potential penalties and safety consequences, these systems are essential to any operator who charges by weight and they can also help to optimise payload, leading to increased profitability.

The company is the sole supplier to VOSA of dynamic enforcement weighbridges and is responsible for maintenance of the national network. Such installations are also in use with local authorities throughout the UK and by the private sector in industries from recycling to leading supermarket companies, where their small footprint is a real space saver compared to conventional plate weighbridges.

Axtec On-Board is a vehicle mounted system that is particularly useful in operations involving progressive unloading or loading. This robust and tamper-proof system is active from the moment that the ignition is turned on and provides a simple graphic image of the gross and individual axle loadings of the vehicle at all times along with audio warnings.

The system can also be linked to a reversing camera, thus requiring only one screen in the cab to cover both functions. And it can be linked through a tracking device to provide real time load information to the traffic office, enabling opportunity loads to be accepted.

Portable weighpads are available from the company both on sale or hire. These accurate and easy to use systems can provide a flexible solution to short-term weighing needs.

For all of their systems Axtec is able to offer a full fitting, installation and calibration service using in-house resources, including any civil engineering works. Systems can be linked to back-house functions to provide a seamless process that can instantly generate invoices, collect useful data and improve overall efficiency.

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