Proud as punch: Citymaster 1600 champion, Oxford City Council’s Richard Probets.

The Citymaster range can be converted to work as a sweeper, scrubbing machine or to use a winter maintenance package, among other applications

It’s been a record-breaking year for Hako sales into the UK municipal sector with fleets inspired by the Citymaster range’s reliability, performance, flexibility and longevity

Councils are buying on the great reputation that Hako has won among councils and the momentum continues to build as Citymasters win through in comparison testing.

The Hako municipal team includes Jamie Wilson and is headed up by Mark Fellows, UK municipal sales manager, who described growth in the sector as ‘spectacular’.

“We had a record year in 2018, with sales up by more than 70% and 2019 has topped that. Councils the length and breadth of the country are with us – from Exeter in the South to Edinburgh and the Highlands in the North.

“We have been gaining and retaining throughout 2019… gaining new councils and retaining our existing customers. You can’t have better testimonials than that. I always say don’t take our word for it. Hear it from those who are running Hako equipment.

In the midlands Leicester City Council placed orders for four Hako 1600s. Ian Lomas, the council’s local area manager, said in comparison testing Hako came out on top. “We tested three other marques and Hako got the order. We had issues with other machines as far as breakdowns and faults were concerned and Hako proved to be the best of the bunch,” said Ian.

Oxford City Council took delivery of five 1600s. Owain Pearce, fleet technical officer for the Council said: “We have been very happy with their performance, flexibility and manoeuvrability. The machines came out very well in comparison to other suppliers. As well as the flexibility we also wanted machines that would be multifunctional and, here again, Hako scored very well with the sweeper washer functions and the winter maintenance option.”

And at the sharp end, operative, Richard Proberts said the 1600 was the best machine he had ever driven. “Never driven a better one. It is very simple to operate and has great performance. It is very comfortable. The manoeuvrability is great. I can reach corners that I could never do before thanks to the articulated body.”

“We get some great endorsements,” said Mark. “The Citymaster has been battle tested among councils facing really challenging situations and they have come through with flying colours,” he said. “We are reaping the rewards of our experience in the sector and have some tremendous relationships among the local authorities.

“There is a strong customer base of both existing and new customers and while we have done a lot of repeat business, we have also signed up plenty of new deals as well. Word of mouth also plays a significant part in our growth in that when one council is operating Hako’s successfully then, clearly, other councils are bound to consider them and we do very well in comparison testing,” said Mark.

“In short, our range is regarded as very reliable, multi-functional and simple to operate and everybody talks to everybody in the municipal sector and when people have a good experience with Hako equipment then they let their counterparts know.

“Emissions and reducing the carbon footprint also plays a major part for councils and Hako scores well in this area as well,” he said.

“They also love the flexibility of Hako machines. In five minutes a Citymaster can be converted from a sweeper to a scrubbing machine or take on a winter maintenance package.

Hako managing director, Sylvie Giangolini takes up the theme: “The municipal sector is doing very well for Hako. Quality, flexibility and longevity have become the watchwords for many councils. They are not buying just on price. That is good news for us as we are not the cheapest but we have built our reputation on quality and great back up and customer service,” she said.

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