Crossland Tankers showcases range diversity at brand-new Road Transport Expo

Crossland Tankers took the opportunity that Road Transport Expo provided for face-to-face interactions with visitors from across the industry.

To help demonstrate the diversity of its product portfolio, the tanker manufacturer brought three distinct models along to NAEC Stoneleigh.

The first was a lightweight, yet robust, 29,000-litre Farm Collection milk tanker, which it said is the culmination of more than 30 years’ experience of designing vehicles for this sector.

Also on the stand was a 29,000-litre Potable water tanker, which was designed in conjunction with one of Crossland’s customers to ensure that water supplies are maintained to their customers if there is an issue with any water mains supply.

This is done by having a highly manoeuvrable trailer to allow it to go to different locations, be they urban or rural. It is then combined with a smart metering system to ensure that the water pressure is maintained within the mains line, so that customers will not notice they are being supplied by a tanker as opposed to the full mains pressure.

The third vehicle on show was a 30,000-litre Waste Vacuum tanker. This was designed to have user accessibility as a key feature, with a staircase for access at the rear and full catwalk on top to assist the operator with top loading the tanker.

Crossland Tankers is a strong advocate in the use of stainless steel wherever possible, not only to extend the life of a tanker, but also to reduce both the need for painting and the overall tare weight.

The company said current industry supply challenges were a topic of conversation for many visitors to the stand.

“With chassis deliveries from truck manufacturers disrupted, not only does this cause an issue with operators and their fleet plans it also causes difficulties for manufacturers who have to quickly adapt production plans to cope with the disruption,” explained Pearse McKeefry, operations director, Crossland Tankers.

“Further to this we had a number of discussions with operators who are interested in investigating the possibility of remounting tankers on new running gear/ chassis to extend the life of products.”

He said whilst all manufacturers are experiencing supply shortages, Crossland has significantly increased its stock holdings to help it deal with the situation: “Whilst we haven’t been able to mitigate all the issues in the vast majority of cases we are still meeting production delivery dates.”

“The landscape for UK regulations relating to ADR/ PED is still very much up in the air,” he added. “It all depends on how closely the UK government wishes to be aligned with EU law and how the UK regulators interpret the law.

“There is already a slight divergence with respect to ADR interpretation between the UK and EU, however, Crossland will continue to manufacture products that meet and exceed the requirements of both jurisdictions in the future.”

As well its wide range of new tanker products, Crossland also provides a full repair and refurbishment service using its team of skilled engineers, whether it’s cosmetic or structural, re-cladding a tanker’s outer skin or re-equipping it with the latest technology.

The comprehensive service covers all eventualities, from minor accident and shipping damage to major rollovers.

Crossland also carries out periodic in-service pressure tests to ADR/ PSSR.

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