BCA Blackbushe photo
Staff and management at BCA Blackbushe are celebrating as the auction centre sold over 100,000 vehicles in 2012.  It is the first time on record that any single auction centre in the UK has reached a six figures sale volume in a year.

BCA Blackbushe reached 99,999 sold vehicles at the close of play on Thursday December 13, meaning the first vehicle sold on Friday December 14 was the 100,000th sold in 2012. This represents a turnover well in excess of half a billion pounds for Blackbushe alone in 2012 and would comfortably place Blackbushe as one of the top five UK auction companies in its own right.

Blackbushe General Manager Darren Betteridge commented “I would like to thank everyone for the hard work, initiative, innovation and focus on passing the benchmark figure of 100,000 vehicles sold last year. On average nearly 2000 vehicles were sold every week with a weekly turnover of more than £10 million. The team’s focus this year has been excellent and thoroughly deserves the credit for this incredible achievement.”

BCA CEO Jon Olsen added “This is an incredible performance by the Blackbushe team and the management and staff must be congratulated on such a significant achievement.”

Officially opened by HRH Prince Michael of Kent on May 20 1986, BCA Blackbushe sells four days a week, with car sales on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and Commercials on Thursdays. Tuesdays and Saturdays are reserved for special sales.  It is one of twenty locations operated by BCA in the UK and part of a wider European BCA network of nearly fifty vehicles remarketing centres.

Blackbushe is designed on the grand scale, with three auction halls for cars and light commercials. The undercover viewing canopy (at 120,000 sq ft) has capacity for more than 1000 vehicles. The vehicle preparation facility is the largest in Europe at 50,000 sq ft. and up to 500 vehicles can be cleaned, polished and prepared every day.

Blackbushe sells a huge range of vehicles, including ex-fleet cars, prestige cars, sports cars, convertibles, late year low mileage models, diesel and four wheels drive and light and heavy commercial vehicles. On the busiest sale days Blackbushe will sell a car every 20 seconds and generate a turnover of up to £8 million. Customers will travel from all over the UK and even further afield to attend sales, while around twenty percent of the vehicles sold at Blackbushe will be to online bidders using BCA’s Live Online service.

For more information: 01252 736313 or www.bca-europe.com