With the UK CCTV market set to grow up to 40% this financial year, Durite are targeting similar growth through the introduction of a new range of vehicle safety and telematics equipment. FACTS spoke to Richard Cockrill, Product Development Manager, and Veronique Vanoli, Marketing Manager, about their latest additions.


What trade shows have Durite attended recently?

Veronique: We attended the Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham, as well as the APSE’s Scottish Fleet, Waste and Grounds Seminar in Aviemore, and finally, the Tip-ex show in Harrogate.

What were you showcasing at these shows?

Richard: We offer three entry-level systems in our vehicle safety and telematics range. This includes the 5-inch, 7-inch and 7-inch quad kits, in both wired and wireless forms. A digital video recorder supports these systems and comes in three different models. Two are 4-channel, one with a telematics option and the other without. Another stand-alone option is an 8-channel system, with GPS for speed and location monitoring. All the cameras we offer integrate with Durite systems. There are several different cameras; rear view cameras, side cameras, forward-facing cameras and brake light cameras. Most also incorporate infrared technology for night vision. A selection of our cameras record in high definition, in comparison to the majority of the competition which only offer standard resolution. Durite boasts 960H as minimum, as well as a 720p hi-def system.

We also offer a 3G DVR. This equipment incorporates a sim card and a tracking box. Users are able to log in via a wireless cloud based portal for real-time visibility of the vehicle and its cameras. If the vehicle is stolen, the fleet manager can track its movements immediately. Monitoring driver behaviour is also possible.

Are there any other products in your vehicle safety range you would like to highlight?

Richard: We are proud to announce our new four-sensor Side Scan system, which picks up on any moving objects on the left side of any rigid vehicle up to 12m in length. Compliant with FORS regulations, this system will be particularly important for detecting cyclists. Where this system is unique is that it can fully integrate into our CCTV systems. So, if a freight operator operates a Durite camera system alongside our Side Scan technology, the two systems will link up seamlessly, providing the operator with a live video and audio feed. The four ultrasonic sensors transmit a signal to anything up to 1.8m away from the vehicle and display anything it picks up as a graphical representation through the CCTV monitor. Not only can the driver look through the left-hand CCTV camera, they will also have an audible alert and a visual guide.

In addition, we have four dash camera models, all available with high definition output, with both 720p and 1080p versions available. With a telematics dash cam installed, any impact over 1.6g of g-force will be immediately recorded and uploaded to the Cloud online and stored for up to 7 years (G-Force can be adjusted to suit users’ requirements). This could be a harsh brake, a rapid acceleration or a light accident. What is uploaded will be a recording of both the 30 seconds preceding the accident and the 30 seconds following it. An automated report will be generated and sent to the license holder, showing all the admissible information needed in court, such as the g impact, the speed of the vehicle and a map of the accident site. The report can only be deleted by the fleet manager and is not stored on a physical card so cannot be lost or stolen.

For more information: www.durite.co.uk

This article was originally published in issue 129 of FACTS Magazine. To read the magazine in full, click here.

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