G-TRUCK & UAN TRUCK own parts brand TruckTEC continues to gain momentum as one of the industry’s most comprehensive components ranges for the commercial vehicle sector. Launched in 2014 with an ethos of providing OE quality parts at highly competitive prices through the Alliance Automotive Group UK distribution chain, the extensive range includes clutch kits, braking and friction materials, air springs, batteries, V-Stay, oils, lubricants, greases and additives. FACTS shines the spotlight on four key product mainstays to see how core values of providing premium products which incur real-world benefits are reflected across the TruckTEC range.

Braking news

TruckTEC braking products combine high quality raw materials and innovative manufacturing processes to form a truly premium frictional material solution. Close relationships with leading logistics providers mean the team behind TruckTEC’s brake discs and ECE-R90 approved brake pads ranges have an in-depth understanding of the stresses and strains under which brake friction materials are placed. With this in mind, extensive research and development of the range was carried out prior to its launch. More than 25,000 hours of testing in a dynamometer and in excess of 2.5 million km travelled on real-world roads means TruckTEC friction materials are capable of withstanding extreme working conditions over vast distances, whilst maintaining high standards of safety and efficiency.

Coming in clutch

Over 240 TruckTEC clutch kits are now available. These include all-in-one package kits as well as individually boxed concentric slave cylinders for flexibility when it comes to stocking decisions. In line with the rest of the TruckTEC range, the clutch kits represent a viable OE-alternative for CV fleet operators. Product testing consists of 17 individual steps before approval is given, which sets a new standard for the aftermarket. Whilst the LCV clutch range is offered with a two-year, 20,000-mile warranty, the larger CV range comes with two-year, 200,000-mile warranty; such is the confidence of the TruckTEC team in their products.

Suspend your disbelief

It is their robustness that has solidified TruckTEC V-Stays as an essential part of the brand’s suspension programme. Exclusively produced for G-TRUCK & UAN TRUCK distributors by a major steering and suspension factory with over 17 years’ experience in manufacturing, the range is backed by a leading supplier in the OE market who supplies to 26 leading manufacturers of trucks, buses and specialised vehicles. The factory which manufactures TruckTEC V-Stays is also the official supplier of parts to the DAKAR rally, supplying torque rods, air pump system parts and rubber-mechanical parts, to name but a few. This, combined with ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO-TS16949 accreditation, guarantees quality without compromise.

The secret to success

Maximise your engine performance by investing in TruckTEC DIESEL 1000 fuel additive for your fleet. DIESEL 1000 combats the threats to efficiency and function that poor-quality fuel can have upon fuel injection systems by preventing the build-up of internal deposits on the injector components. This, in turn, prevents a loss of power over time, whilst simultaneously reduces costly repairs and fuel consumption as well as minimises downtime.

Wakefield Council recently trialled DIESEL 1000 fuel additive across their fleet of 500 on-highway vehicles over a mix of applications including bus, truck and LCV. Analysis of data following the trial demonstrated significant improvements in fuel economy and reductions in emissions in vehicles which DIESEL1000 had been added to. For a high-end solution for your fuel additive requirements, look no further than DIESEL 1000 from TruckTEC.

What underpins the entire TruckTEC range is expert technical support from the product development team. This is based on their detailed knowledge of all components and production processes, and from pre- and post-testing, both in the lab and on working vehicles deployed in public transport depots and private transport companies all across Europe. The TruckTEC product development team are the go-to destination for all advice during specification, fitment and ongoing use.

“We are seeing great interest from both our distributors and their customers, and from our own Top Truck workshops,” explained Martin Sangster, Commercial Manager at GROUPAUTO UK. “TruckTEC effectively closes the loop for us in terms of branding and market positioning and we clearly see the brand as being a strong part of our continued drive to establish the G-TRUCK, UAN TRUCK, Top Truck and TruckTEC brand as a major player in the commercial vehicle maintenance markets, both here in the UK, and around the world.”

For more information: www.trucktecparts.co.uk