crashFortunately, very few of us have more than the very occasional prang on the roads. (Look out for those who have more than the occasional prang – they are either very bad drivers, or crash-for-cash villains. Either way an Accident Camera Kit (AC Kit) would help you sort things out.) However, if the insurance industry’s statistics are anything to go by, more than one in six commercial vehicles will have a claim each year. More than you might think, perhaps?

The problem is that, because most of us don’t have even minor bumps very often, we may be unsure what to do, and be left scrambling for a pen and a scrap of paper to take down details, wondering who to call to report an incident, worrying about how to get the damage fixed. It’s something we are not practised in so it is something we can easily get wrong. In the heat of moment it’s easy to forget to record some vital information. This is when having an Accident Camera Kit in your vehicle can help. … Read More