UK tourism business Alfa Travel has almost halved its rate of highway collisions over the last 16 months after installing the Lytx DriveCam Event Recorder in all 48 of its coaches.

Alfa Travel has been working with Lytx, a global provider of video telematics, safety and productivity solutions for commercial and public sector fleets, since February 2018 and has hailed DriveCam Event Recorder a huge success.

As well as highway collisions being reduced by close to 50%, seatbelt non-compliance is down by 84% and driver retention up 75%. Insufficient braking distance instances are also down 64%, while 71% of drivers are now less distracted by their mobile phones.

The insights captured by the Lytx DriveCam Event Recorder are delivered to Alfa Travel’s fleet management team through Lytx’s new user interface. It has been designed to place all the necessary details at your fingertips so that Alfa can see which driving behaviours need to be addressed at a glance and thus ensure its drivers and passengers always return home safely.

“It is extremely safely to brief our drivers face-to-face because they’re on tour all the time and don’t return to a depot,” said Paul Bull, Alfa Travel Operations Director.

“If your priority, like mine, especially preventing serious collisions, this is the right thing to do. Our industry is by and large safe, but it only takes one collision for the consequences to be very serious.

“Overall the performance of the coaches and the drivers is a lot better [since installing the system]. I can sleep better at night knowing that we are doing more to reduce risk.

“I can see a point where technology like DriveCam will be built into every large vehicle. Everybody will be using it so everybody will want it. It’s becoming an essential part of how you support drivers and keep them safe, and they are starting to expect it.”

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