Logistics firm Ariska has reported a dramatic increase in the visibility and efficiency of its fleet by integrating Verizon Connect’s telematics system.

Ariska subcontracts for large logistics businesses contracted to multinational automotive, aerospace and manufacturing companies, and in recent years has partnered with the Transport Exchange Group.

TEG currently provide Ariska with 40% of its current workload by giving it access to TEG’s two largest smart matching technology platforms, Courier Exchange and Haulier Exchange.

While this delivered significant benefits for Ariska, the firm needed a solution that would provide it with near real-time visibility of the location of its vehicles, but this issue has now been overcome thanks to the integration of Vorizon Connect’s platforms.

Ariska can now advertise the status and availability of empty vehicles in near real-time to the 6,000-plus member organisations of the Exchange, which previously had to be updated manually and took at least two hours per day.

Both drivers and operators now spend less time on manual admin tasks, allowing Ariska to reallocate this capacity to other areas of the business to deliver higher value to its customers and increase productivity.

Aside from the benefits for TEG usage, Verizon Connect’s platform has also helped Ariska’s employees drive more safely and efficiently thanks to having greater visibility of its vehicles and those of other drivers while on the move.

For more information: Transport Exchange Group