Linfox, one of Asia-Pacific’s leading logistics operators, has chosen Volvo Trucks as the supplier of 100 prime movers. The order consists of FM 11, FM 13 and FH model trucks, which will all be built locally at Volvo Trucks’ production facility in Brisbane, Queensland.

Volvo’s strong commitment to safety, quality and environmental care were all factors behind Linfox’s choice of trucks. Volvo’s extensive network of service agents on the east coast of Australia also figured in the Linfox decision.

“As a leading Australian logistics operator, Linfox sets the standard for the industry. Linfox’s values align perfectly with Volvo Trucks: they put safety, environmental care and quality first,” said Arne Knaben, CEO of Volvo Group Australia, adding “The Linfox decision to buy Volvo trucks is a clear indicator that we are leading the way in the areas that really count.”

The trucks that Volvo are supplying to Linfox meet the Euro-5 emission standards and they also live up to the customer’s high demands when it comes to fuel efficiency.

“Linfox’s customers take environmental responsibilities seriously. They expect their suppliers to do so as well,” said Gary Bone, General Manager of Volvo Trucks Australia.

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