The European Commission has proposed “bare bones” arrangements on aviation and road haulage, in a push for “more generous” No-Deal Brexit arrangements from some EU member states.

The proposed legislation would give UK hauliers the right to operate within the EU, in what is known as cabotage, from 29 March to 31 December.

The Road Haulage Association has welcomed the support, despite
French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire saying: “You can’t be out of the EU and be getting the benefits of the single market.”

Commenting, RHA Chief executive Richard Burnett said: “This isn’t about benefits, it’s about maintaining a stable economy on both sides of the Channel – not just with France but with the other EU members states who rely on an efficient cross-border network.”

The RHA are “extremely concerned” that if the UK leavese the EU without a deal there is no guarantee that there will be a transition period.

Burnett continued: “The arrangement proposed by the European Commission would at least give businesses an extra nine months to put in place the new processes and procedures which are vital to their existence.

“While not perfect, it’s certainly a temporary solution. The 40k hauliers that travel to mainland Europe on a regular basis will be watching this space.”

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