Boije Ovebrink has set no fewer than three unofficial world records with ‘Mean Green’, a converted Volvo VN featuring the very latest hybrid technology from Volvo Trucks. This is the first time these speed records have been set with a hybrid truck.

Two unique world records and one Swedish record were set. The first was the standing 500 metres, which was recorded at 115,349 km/h and the second – the standing 1000 metre – measured an average speed of 152,253 km/h. The flying kilometre, which was the third and final record, recorded an average speed of 218,780 km/h.

“With the hybrid, the truck hurtles forward like it’s been shot from a catapult. Full torque right from the off and amazing power all the way through the power band all the way up to 250 kilometres an hour,” said a thrilled and excited Boije Ovebrink.

The records, which are so far unofficial, are the first-ever set by a hybrid, but the bar has now been set for the competition. Boije Ovebrink also had to drive the Mean Green solely on electric drive for a 1,000 metres for the record to be valid. That turned out to be a piece of cake, as ‘Mean Green’ glided over the airfield in Hultsfred, thereby proving its thoroughbred hybrid status.

“We use Volvo’s standard components in the hybrid driveline. The records show which manufacturer has the best engineering team and who leads the development in this area,” comments Boije.

Boije Ovebrink already holds the world record for the standing kilometre with a truck featuring a conventional diesel driveline, at an average speed of 166.698 km/h.

“Bearing in mind the current state of the technology, it is not realistic to expect to travel as fast in the electric hybrid ‘Mean Green’ since the electric motor and battery pack mean extra weight of several hundred kilograms,” says Boije Ovebrink, adding “When we beat the previous record with a diesel driveline, we had an automatic transmission whereas today we use a hybrid customised I-Shift gearbox that is not capable of maintaining torque during gear changes,”.

‘Mean Green’’s record-breaking feat must first be analysed and verified by the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) before it becomes the official world record, but they had a representative present to monitor the event.

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