Phil Thirsk, Training and Development Manager at Bridgestone UK.

Staff at the Bridgestone Training Centre and MWheels have entered a joint CV wheel safety education programme for employees, customers and industry professionals.

Utilising classroom learning and hands-on experience, the course includes a full overview of CV wheels’ design and construction, fitting and general maintenance plus an in-depth understanding of axles, nuts and threads as direct core components.

Based at the Horiba Motor Industry Research Association (Horiba MIRA) facility in Nuneaton, the Bridgestone Training Centre officially opened in January 2018 and has already seen over 125 professionals.

People attending include tyre and bus technicians, staff responsible for checking vehicles and a wide variety of Bridgestone fleet customers, of which some OE customers are contracted to MWheels.

The centre boasts a custom-built trailer rig from which a lot of hands-on wheel security courses can be based around.

Phil Thirsk, Training and Development Manager at Bridgestone UK, said: “The original relationship started in 2016 after I approached MWheels having seen a lot of articles about wheels and wheel safety, so I wanted to know more to see if what we were delivering on training was still relevant, at which time it was.

“In May of this year we again met to discuss wheel security and the possibility of me doing some training for staff and for one of their largest fleet customers, to which I readily agreed. It was then they introduced their ten-point check list and I agreed to use it in my training and issue it as a course hand out.”

The wheel safety information has been Selected from MWheels’ extensive technical library, details from which came to the fore in its successful lobbying and input into the EU Roadworthiness Directives and recent positive meeting with the Department for Transport (DfT)*.

‘Evaluating commercial vehicle wheel safety – how to keep safe and stay compliant’ is a white paper compiled for industry members by M Wheels.

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