rsz_pr2108_45972Brit-Tipp is celebrating 30 years as a leading UK commercial vehicle body builder and is continuing to refine its manufacturing knowledge and experience to maintain its position in the market. Part of this success is attributed to building its wide range of commercial vehicles using tried and tested components which provide long lasting, reliable service, such as the tipping cylinders from Edbro.


Brit-Tipp mainly uses DAF and Iveco chassis and it has consolidated its position in the market by producing the factory tipper for both manufacturers, which are distributed through the respective national dealerships. Contracts such as these are hard won and Brit-Tipp has proven its expertise in design and manufacture with a product which combines reliability with operator safety and boasts a proven track record in the production of commercial tipping vehicles. This allows it to celebrate its 30th birthday with a reputation as a body builder at the top of its game.

Since the company began, Britt-Tipp has been committed to building the strongest, most reliable tipping vehicles possible and has always sourced components which match this philosophy. When it first specified an Edbro cylinder 22 years ago it recognised that the Bolton based manufacturer was the ideal supply partner and has used Edbro cylinders as standard ever since. The company’s core business is the design and build of steel tipper bodies ranging from 3.5 tonnes to 18 tonnes GVW and the majority of these products are specified as standard with Edbro LN series cylinders which, with over 50,000 units sold across the globe, have a very well proven design.

The LN series of tipping cylinder from Edbro reinforces the company ethos of ‘fit & forget’, providing reliable and trouble free operation. The combined tank and ram assembly allows for a quicker installation time, while the lightweight construction ensures maximum payload so that the customer benefits every time they tip.

Gary Miller, Managing Director at Brit-Tipp, explains: “We have always considered it important to build vehicles which will outperform the competition in terms of reliability, robustness and efficiency. We offer our customers a wide range of products with the ability to deliver one-off, bespoke solutions if required. Our reputation depends on the reliability of all the individual components and so it is crucial we make the right choices for our customers. With over 20 years experience using Edbro tipping cylinders, we know that the ‘fit & forget’ policy rings true and that is supported by the trust our customers place in our products.”

Peter Smith, Sales & Marketing Director of Edbro, adds: “We are very proud of our long-standing customers and we strive to maintain our position as the leading manufacturer of tipping cylinders. Brit-Tipp has a great reputation, which is supported by its contract to supply two major truck manufacturers and hopefully we have played a small part in maintaining and improving the efficiency and reliability of these vehicles. We look forward to working closely with the company for another 30 years.”

With increasingly stringent regulations on engine emissions, truck manufacturers have had to install new technologies such as Adblue and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) all of which increase the tare weight of the vehicle and thereby reducing the overall load capacity of the truck. To help customers such as Brit-Tipp combat these reductions in efficiency, Edbro has strived to reduce the overall weight of its tipping cylinders while maintaining safety, performance and efficiency.

Edbro employs the latest design techniques combined with one piece laser welding to produce tipping cylinders that can save up to 165kg when compared to competing equipment. This saving in weight can be directly translated into improved load capacity allowing a typical haulier to increase the payload of each vehicle by nearly 200 tonnes each year. When operating on tight margins, as most hauliers are, this can make a significant improvement to fleet performance.

When specifying a tipping vehicle the last thing that should be compromised on is the very thing which makes it a tipper. Edbro offers industry leading reliability on all of its products and boasts a national service network which is second to none. Its expert sales team are available to speak to you about your needs prior to specification and advise you on how you can maximise your tipping efficiency.