Business is booming for Jaama, the provider of one of the UK’s most sophisticated and requested vehicle and driver management software systems, which is moving into its 14th year in operation.

More than 1.2 million vehicles are now managed by Jaama’s Key2 asset management system. Jaama attributes its success to:

  • Leadership consistency and business stability – chief executive Jason Francis, managing director Martin Evans and IT director James Thresher have been driving the company since its launch and fellow directors Stuart Mills (development director) and Michelle Morgan (operations director) have been employed for more than 10 years each.
  • A track record of continuous investment in product development that amounts to more than £2 million per year ensuring that solutions – Key2 and more recently ‘MyVehicle App’ – are at the cutting edge of fleet and asset management.
  • Continuous investment in its employees – now numbering well over 100 – with each staff member having a structured development programme that includes completing fleet, IT and personal development training.

Last year Jaama sold a record number of its Key2 vehicle management systems to fleets, contract hire and leasing companies and rental specialists.

Martin Evans, Managing Director, Jaama

“Key2 has been proven to be a fantastic product and is recognised as the number one choice for the industry,” said Martin Evans.

“Jaama has always been firmly focused on continued system improvements as the fleet, rental and leasing sector evolves, but the company also has an excellent support structure in place to ensure system implementations are successful and post-implementation help is easily accessible to enable customers to obtain maximum benefits from their system.”

Underpinning Jaama’s most recent expansion was a 2015 reorganisation of the business, to provide robust foundations for both its UK and international market growth.

Evans continued: “Jaama’s growth has been driven by demand from fleets, leasing and rental companies for modern, future-proof technology which delivers cost savings through automation and integration. We recognise that our people are critical to the success of the business and it is their ability and desire to deliver world class solutions which ensures that Jaama continues to prosper.

“When we launched the business in 2004 we planned on bringing an industry-leading web-based fleet, contract hire and rental management software solutions to the marketplace. However, the uptake of the Key2 product range that has been able to meet the industry’s increasingly complex requirements has exceeded all expectations. That trend is continuing with an ever-increasing need for companies to effectively manage costs, ensure operational compliance and deliver a competitive edge.”

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