The Citymaster 600 winter kit from Hako.

Hako provides technical solutions for your cleaning and municipal requirements. The Hako range of multifunctional sweepers are ideal for use in a variety of working environments and provide year-round capabilities ranging from street cleansing and grounds maintenance through to winter snow clearance and de-icing. Hako pride themselves on delivering a high performance total solution and it is this ethos that has made them one of the leading suppliers of quality machines for use in commercial, industrial and municipal sectors.

Citymaster 600

The Hako range begins with the Citymaster 600, an agile little sweeper which benefits from the same multifunctionality as the rest of the Hako range. On top of this, the CM600 includes user-friendly quick change implements that ensure excellent sweeping coverage all year round in any weather conditions. Its compact but intelligent design means the CM600 can access small, confined areas yet still provide a comfortable, safe environment for the operator. Whilst the transit speed is great for reaching operation sites, it is also small enough to be placed onto a trailer to transport longer distances if needs be. Regarding maintenance, Hako can provide either service only or comprehensive maintenance packages to suit any and all customer requirements. The Citymaster 600 encompasses the same front coupling triangle, rear attachment mounting frame and rear body mounting system as the Citymaster 1600, allowing for easy changing of attachments. The Citymaster 600 is a highly manoeuvrable and cost-effective way of carrying out a diverse range of sweeping functions.

The Citymaster 600 with scrub deck attachment

Citymaster 1600

At a weight of 3.5 tonnes, the Citymaster 1600 is a top-of-the-range compact sweeper with the added benefi t of interchangeability with various accessories giving it a multifunctionality not available elsewhere on the market. With articulated steering, the Citymaster 1600 is highly manoeuvrable and versatile, able to work in narrow areas yet capable of a payload of 1.2 tonnes. The fuel e? cient 4-cylinder VW diesel engine results in low maintenance helping to keep the overall whole of life costs down to a minimum. Certified to EUnited PM10 levels and with standard and eco operating modes, the Citymaster 1600 helps to minimise the impact on the environment and minimise noise levels so it is highly appropriate for operation in noise sensitive areas. The safety and comfort of the operator is high on the list of priorities for Hako; this is clearly evidenced by the inclusion of an air sprung, fully adjustable seat, an adjustable steering column giving excellent visibility, and convenient armrest controls. Through these features, Hako have engineered an enhanced and ergonomic workplace for drivers and operators.

The quick-change trolley attachment from Hako

Citymaster 1250

Weighing in at 2.6 tonnes, the Citymaster 1250 sits perfectly between the 600 and the 1600 to complete the Hako range. With the same interchangeability, and by utilising the scrub deck function for instance, the CM1250 can be put to use to clean areas where dirt or fi ne dust is adhered to surfaces. Equipped with a single front attachment unit, it enables perfect For more information: Contact Alison Conroy, Business Development Director, Hako Machines Ltd on 07717 308821 wet cleaning on all surfaces as three fl exible brushes with selectable fresh or recycled water options go to work on stubborn dirt. The speed and pressure can be adjusted making it ideal for any cleaning task. The waste water and dirt are collected by the powerful suction system, whilst a water recycling system enables particularly long operating times and keeps water consumption to a minimum. When used with the scrub deck function, the Citymaster 1250 can also clean up oil smears e? ciently and reliably, meaning you can dispense with the need for the time-consuming use of oil binding agents followed by the subsequent use of a sweeper. In addition, street fl ushing attachments are in use by some of our customers, allowing for this task to be completed early in the mornings providing a cleaner, fresher environment in our city centres.

Citymaster 2200

At the other end of the scale, Hako’s Citymaster 2200 has a payload of around 2.5 tonnes on a 6-tonne machine. This, coupled with a travel speed capability of 62kmph, makes the CM2200 ideal for larger areas involving longer transit times. Prepared for all season use and with the multifunctionality expected from Hako Sweepers, the 2200 is an e ective solution all year round. With the same safety and comfort priorities as other sweepers in the Hako range, the 2200 comes with two seats, an adjustable steering column and easy to operate controls. The VM Euro 6 engine meets all relevant environmental standards; this, along with the use of standard tyres, again helps to keep whole of life and operation costs down to a minimum.

The Citymaster 2200

Hako’s team of highly skilled engineers ensure the equipment they supply is maintained and serviced throughout its lifetime. Hako-approved parts are stocked on vans, at their service centres in the UK as well as substantial stock holdings at the company’s German factory, allowing Hako to achieve the highest possible standards of support for their customers throughout the UK. With a range of maintenance options available, along with various payment plans including lease, contract hire and outright purchase, Hako are perfectly positioned to provide their customers with the fl exibility that is so vital in today’s market.

From the CM600 right up to the CM2200, Hako have the sweeper to provide the solution for all your municipal requirements, all-year round. For unrivalled quality, fl exibility and productivity, enquire below regarding the Citymaster range from Hako.

For more information: Contact Alison Conroy, Business Development Director, Hako Machines Ltd on 07717 308821

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