Collett Transport Win the ESTA Award for Excellence Transport Job of the Year Award (Under 120t)

Collett Transport are delighted to announce that at the recent ESTA Awards their team picked-up the 2014 Transport Job of the Year Award.Collett Transport are delighted to announce that at the recent ESTA Awards for Excellence their team returned home victorious after picking up the 2014 Transport Job of the Year Award. Since 2004 ESTA has organised the annual awards evening featuring the Transport Job of the Year award which is awarded to an individual company for a special, complicated, innovative or otherwise interesting job completed. For each main category a jury of independent judges from the field of Transport review each entry according to the strict judging system drawn up by ESTA.

Collett Transport’s entry, in the Under 120t category, focussed on the transportation of two cyclones from the Port of Goole to the Ferrybridge Power Station in North Yorkshire via their heavy lift terminal in Goole. With each cyclone measuring 21.1 metres long, 5.9 metres in diameter and weighing an incredible 41 Tonne, the route had to be carefully planned to avoid any unnecessary disruption. The 30 mile journey was surveyed twelve weeks before delivery, carefully analysing the various route options and eventually, due to bridge restrictions on the approach to the Ferrybridge site, settling on an indirect route through the historic town of Selby.

The agreed route presented another list of challenges which Collett Transport executed perfectly removing road signs and bollards successfully throughout the route, navigating Selby Town Centre and informing residents of the transportation route in order to avoid any potential travel disruption on the day. However, the route did not take the loads directly to the site due to the two low bridges, so the Collett Heavy Lift Division proposed and engineered a scheme to lift the vessels from the motorway utilising a 1200t capacity mobile crane positioned inside the Ferrybridge Power Station site.

The Collett Transport Projects Team consulted with the UK Highways Agency, North and West Yorkshire Police, Motorway Network Managers and Local Authorities to ensure the project was executed safely and without incident. Ten weeks prior to the transportation from Goole, Collett Transport applied for a Temporary Prohibition of Traffic Order (total road closure) on a 14km section of the Southbound carriageway of the A1M in North Yorkshire to allow for the lifting of the Cyclones from the carriageway into the Ferrybridge site.

The convoy departed from Collett Transport’s Goole depot at 1800hrs on Saturday 10th August accompanied by police escorts and a wire lifting team. The transportation of the load was successfully completed without incident and the awaiting load parked in situ on the closed section of the A1M adjacent to the Ferrybridge site by 0100hrs on the 11th August. Offloading began at 0200hrs with the cyclones being lifted by crane onto waiting Collett & Sons Ltd trailers situated within the Ferrybridge Power Station and finally lifted into their position.

The entire project was completed successfully, on budget and without incident. This unique and challenging project was managed by the Collett Transport team from concept through to completion and reinforces Collett Transport’s place in the market as one of the UK’s leaving heavy haulage companies.

Collett Transport are delighted to announce that at the recent ESTA Awards  their team picked-up the 2014 Transport Job of the Year Award.Collett & Sons Ltd are specialists all Heavy Lift areas: Transport, Marine & Consulting from their depots in Halifax, Goole and Grangemouth. A specialist multi-modal logistics operator that serves the Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Heavy Engineering, Civil & Infrastructure, and renewables industries. At present the company employs over 120 people, and runs a fleet of over one hundred diverse vehicles and trailers providing them with the ability to accommodate all customer transport requirements. With a highly skilled support and operations team, using the latest transport software, their mission is to deliver professional transport solutions on a worldwide basis.