Traffic congestion is the number one reason mobile workers arrive late for jobs, according to TomTom research.

90% of UK van drivers admit to arriving late for customer appointments – with traffic cited as the major cause by 93% of respondents. The survey, conducted among mobile workers operating as part of a company fleet, found 27% of drivers are regularly late.

“Our latest research reveals traffic is a serious obstacle preventing service and delivery firms from attaining first-class standards of customer service,” said Thomas Schmidt, Managing Director, TomTom Business Solutions.

“Clearly, the majority of businesses operating a mobile workforce face a major struggle to meet customer expectations but although traffic cannot be controlled, its effect can certainly be mitigated. Advanced fleet management systems, incorporating live traffic information, allow companies to plan around delays and dispatch employees to jobs based on quickest arrival times, not simply who is closest to the customer.”

All of those questioned claimed traffic had an impact on their weekly job schedule, with 81% stating congestion was a regular source of disruptions.