Cyber fleet tyre pressures and temperatures are consistently controlled thanks to Pirelli

Pirelli Cyber Fleet photo

Pirelli Cyber Fleet is the most recent innovation from the integrated package of services and solutions for better fleet management.

Pirelli Cyber Fleet photoPirelli Cyber Fleet is the most recent innovation from the integrated package of services and solutions for better fleet management. The state-of-the-art management system – which is already a well-established reality for European and South American fleets – automatically monitors tyre pressures and temperatures.

Cyber Fleet™ optimises fleet running costs, as it allows fuel savings to be made and streamlines the efficiency of tyre maintenance and pressure checks. Developed for fleets and distributed by Pirelli dealers, Cyber Fleet is offered alongside tyre sales and maintenance services. Throughout 2012, Cyber Fleet was tested on 43 heavy goods vehicles equipped with 322 tyre mounted sensors, which covered around 15 million kilometres in Germany, Sweden, Italy, Turkey and Brazil. The tests concluded that fuel costs were reduced by around 1000 Euros per vehicle over the course of a year (depending on the price of fuel in each country).

As an essential tool when it comes to fleet management, thanks to real time automatic monitoring of tyre pressures and temperatures, Cyber Fleet not only delivers reduced running costs but also lowers CO2 emissions, as well as improving safety standards on the road.

Not sticking to the manufacturer’s tyre pressure recommendations leads to higher rolling resistance, uneven wear, reduced control and longer braking distances, all of which impact negatively on fuel consumption, tyre life, and road safety. With CyberFleet, a sensor is applied to the inside of each tyre. The sensor collects data relating to pressure, temperature and identification, and the system transmits information to the driver, fleet manager or dealer, allowing them to plan diagnostic and maintenance work, which guarantees the best possible safety standards for every vehicle in the fleet.

Cyber Fleet is available in both static and dynamic mode. In dynamic mode, full integration with a telematics system allows real time data capture from sensors attached to the inside of each tyre, transmitting information to a centralised database. Any anomalies in tyre temperature or pressure are signalled immediately to both the driver and the fleet manager’s office. Track & Trace functionality is also available, which tracks all information on each individual vehicle’s tyres – including vital parameters such as distance travelled and speed profile.



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