DCM photoLeading courtesy car management and day-rate insurance provider, DCML www.dcml.co.uk has entered the body repair market with the launch of DCM Bodyshop.

Tailored specifically to assist bodyshops to plug the growing gap presented by the growth in non-insurer provided courtesy cars to customers, the product increases operational efficiency of fleets and provides integrated day-rate insurance via AVIVA.

Designed to cater for bodyshops managing fleets in excess of 15 vehicles, DCM Bodyshop will allow repairers to offer day-rate insurance cover direct to customers. Starting at £10 a day for the first two days, the policy then drops to £5 up to a limit of 15 days hire.

Vince Powell, managing director of DCML, said: “We are in the business of using technology to lower costs and improve earnings by answering real-world needs.

“Non-insurer supported courtesy cars are only going to rise as motorists look to trim their premiums by removing standard benefits in a policy. DCM Bodyshop not only removes the repairers risk but presents a new revenue stream.”

The system covers all vehicles in insurance groups 1-37, with a £25,000 value limit and £250 excess. Customisable recharge rates based on the number of days (to tie in with the reducing insurance cost) will also be applied subject to account activity.

The system has the flexibility to incorporate additional reporting features or services required by the body repairer. All work is undertaken by the in-house DCML Development team.

The new-web based DCM Bodyshop software platform is based on the successful Dealer Car Manager, which supports over 1,300 franchised dealerships nationwide to manage and generate revenue on over 40,000 demonstrator and courtesy cars.

DCML estimates that at present 5% of customers do not have access to an insured courtesy car, but that figure is likely to treble in the next 12-18 months.

For more information: www.dcml.co.uk/DCMBodyshop