Dennison will display a gas-powered Volvo FH 6×2 at its head office on 27 November

Dennison Commercials, in partnership with Calor, will be hosting an LNG open day at its Ballyclare Head Office depot on 27 November 2019. The one-day trade event is a great opportunity for local truck operators to learn more about the gas alternative to diesel.

Along with key presentations during the day, experts from Volvo Trucks and Calor will be on hand to answer questions and discuss the benefits of running trucks on LNG.

Visitors will also be able to view a gas-powered Volvo FH 6×2. The Volvo LNG powertrain is based on conventional diesel engine technology so there is no compromise on driveability, fuel efficiency or reliability.

The new G13C engine is quieter than the corresponding diesel and has significantly less CO2 emissions, plus the potential for lower fuel costs.

John Comer, Head of Product Management at Volvo Trucks UK & Ireland said: “All told, liquefied gas is the best climate alternative on the market for long and heavy transportation and Volvo’s new gas-powered trucks can compete with diesel both in terms of performance and fuel consumption.”

Volvo Trucks is working together with gas suppliers and customers to develop the expansion of the LNG infrastructure in Europe. LNG is created by cooling the gas to a temperature of around -162°C when it liquefies and reduces in volume to a colourless, odourless liquid fuel. This quality ensures LNG is easy to store and makes it ideally suited to fuel regional and long-haul trucks.

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